Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender? + other makeup questions

Beauty Blender cut

Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender?? I have often wondered what the inside of an old Beauty Blender would look like. Especially after seeing that horror film where a girl cuts hers open to find a whole heap of bugs (haven’t seen it, click here and half cover your eyes). There’s also a lot of other beauty related things I have wondered about and a lot of different questions online. Today I’m going to answer some of these questions, like just how limited are MAC limited edition products? What’s the difference between cruelty free and vegan? Why do you need to store your dip brow upside down? How does micellar water actually work when it’s just water?  Continue reading

Makeup cravings (or addictions)

makeup addiction memes

I’m having makeup cravings. There’s really no rhyme or reason, and I didn’t just win the lottery either. I just want all the makeup. Two nights this week I have sat on the couch filling up online shopping carts and then having a little laugh to myself when either I see the total cost in USD, or I see the shipping price to get the goods to NZ. To date, I have made one actual purchase based on these cravings and currently have two full shopping carts open in my browser. I’m also tweeting my makeup friend Elese, as she has offered to let me ship some things to her place in Australia which she will forward over to me. As I said, makeup cravings, major ones…. Continue reading

May empties


Here are my May empties! My Garnier Perfect Blur and Loreal Infallible primers are empty. The Blinc mascara I received in my Talk Beauty NZ event goodie bag has dried up, I’ve hit pan on my MAC SkinFinish and I’m already on another bottle of Elevens’ Miracle Hair Treatment. In a bid to be better at removing my makeup before bed I’ve used up my travel size Blue Coconut Coconut Oil, at the same time my Beauty Blender (the first one I ever tried!) is going into retirement.  Continue reading

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Through the wonders of the internet I recently discovered Kracie Popin Cooking, a Japanese trend where you buy little sets and make/bake mini foods which are edible. Even though it looked totally crazy I decided I HAD to try it, and I’m glad I did. The baking requires a lot of patience and a bit of bravery when it comes to tasting, but I may have just found my newest hobby. Continue reading

New House = New Habits

new house new habits

As some of you may know I recently moved house, I used the move as motivation to do a big clean out of my belongings. I got rid of unnecessary bits and bobs, old books, clothes I never wear and even cleaned out my makeup using the famous Kon Marie method. Now that I am moved in and almost entirely unpacked I’m focusing on getting into new routines, so new house = new habits. Here’s the habits I want to create! Continue reading

My favourite NYX product & NYX NZ news

Favourite NYX product

NYX has been a brand in my collection for a long time now, I have specifically always been a big fan of their lip products. Also now NYX is much more accessible than in the past with it being stocked at Farmers in Auckland CBD and in more stores to come. Today in celebration of NYX being available in more Farmers stores NZ wide from the 14th of June I wanted to show you my all time favourite NYX product – the NYX matte lipstick in the shade ‘natural’. Continue reading

Korean Beauty Haul – best friend edition

Korean Beauty Haul 2016

My best friend, Melissa, is currently living it up in Korea, which means two things. Firstly, I miss her heaps, but at the same time I am crazy proud of her and secondly, Korean beauty products! Recently her and our other best friends who are in NZ with me decided to post each other some goodies. It was also Melissa’s birthday recently so we wanted to send her something for that too. You can see what NZ goodies we sent her at the bottom of the post, but for now check out what she sent me.

You can tell we have been friends for a long time because everything she sent me I am totally in love with!  Continue reading

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting spray review


Gerard Cosmetics is a super popular online cosmetics brand which I had heard a lot about but had never tried, however the moment I saw the Slay All Day Setting Spray I hit buy now. I had thought about trying the brand for awhile and I just couldn’t resist the name ‘Slay’. The Slay makeup setting spray is said to mattify and pro-long the wear of your makeup, helping you stay shine free and slaying for longer. The Urban Decay setting sprays are usually my go to and they do a damn good job at making my makeup stay on my face until I decide I want it off. I took a break from that to see how this one would go. Continue reading

Organising your makeup with the KonMari Method

KonMari Method makeup

Can makeup be organised using the hugely popular KonMari Method? I’ve tried it out and it is a super efficient way to do a clean out and get your beauty table organised. The KonMari Method is a huge trend right now based on the techniques of Marie Kondo, a massively successful Japanese business woman and writer. Her book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’ has sold over 1.5 million copies. The book takes you through each essential step of how to get rid of clutter forever, she claims that using her methods will mean that you don’t tidy up simply to have everything a mess again in a few weeks time.

This totally intrigued me and as I read her book I instantly saw how her ideas on cleaning out clothes, books and paper work could translate to my often messy makeup desk. I was also very interested in the fact that she says her techniques will stop you buying so many extra unnecessary things, as I looked at my mascara drawer and saw about 7 different mascaras which I don’t use. So I tried it out, only kept items which ‘sparked joy’ and this is how it turned out! Continue reading

Australis AC ON Tour Contouring and Highlighting cream kit + giveaway!

Australis creme contour kit

The Australis AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Cream Kit is one of those big hype products. People waited and waited for it to hit the shelves and once it did everyone rushed to get their hands on one. Contouring seems to be a trend which isn’t going away anytime soon so I was really pleased to see Australis, a cruelty free and affordable brand, bring out both the powder and cream kits in two different shade ranges. Although the powder kit doesn’t work well with my skin the cream version has become a staple in my collection. Here are my tips on using the Australis Cream Kit, also keep reading for a chance to win your own!  Continue reading