5 new beauty and life routines I’m following

5 new beauty

So I know it isn’t quite the new year, being March and all, but I feel like things are only just really settling down now and with that has come some new beauty and life routines. I am pretty impressed with myself that for the most part I have kept up with these new routines without too much suffering through internal motivational talks – you know what I’m talking about “come on, your skin will love you for it” “it’s just a few minutes and then you can watch the Kardashians”. It’s way easier now that my new routines are actually paying off – seeing results is the best motivation!

♥ Taking better care of my hair // At the end of last year my hair was dead from a hairdresser over toning my hair =( now I have a new fabulous hairdresser and I am being much more kind to my hair. As well as washing my hair less (check out how I got out of the habit here) I’m using different, much better hair products. Hask recently sent me some of their products to try out and I am in love with their Repairing Shampoo with argan oil and their keratin protein Smoothing Conditioner. They smell delicious (something which is important to me when choosing hair products!) and leave my hair silky and much easier to manage.


After washing I put my tired and true Hask argan oil through my ends (I’ve been using this for over two years and it’s much better than some other similar oils I’ve tried) and then apply my The Miracle Hair Treatment from my mid lengths to ends. The Miracle Hair Treatment covers heat protection among 10 other benefits. I’m also trying out a few different weekly treatments and masks, including a super cheap Sunsilk one I picked up in a drugstore in Thailand.

♥ Using my rose hip oil more often // I am all for the ‘treat oily skin with oil’ mantra, especially since I’ve discovered that my skin totally loves rose hip oil. However last year I would often forget to use it as part of my night routine. Now I am on to it and using my rose hip oil several times a week, my breakouts are calmer and my skin seems brighter. Crossing my fingers it will also keep wrinkles at bay for a little while longer.

♥ Not leaving my nails until it’s too late //  I am lucky to have natural reasonably strong and nicely shaped nails, until they get to a certain length and then it’s all down hill. Does this happen to anyone else? They are absolutely fine and look great then all of a sudden they are too long, too fragile and I get splits everywhere. So I have been trying to file or cut them down a bit before they get to that death point. Sometimes I get to them in time and sometimes I don’t. It’s heartbreaking to cut them because I love having longer nails, but it’s better to have shorter healthy nails, right?

Here’s my current short nail inspiration from stayglam.com


♥ Eating all the vegetables // I really like vegetables, they taste yum, make me feel good and are readily available. I find though that the prep-time some vegetables need kind of puts me off eating them at times. I’ve started prepping my vegetables as soon as I bring them home which works well, but if i don’t do it that day then it’s all over. I’m also trying to make vegetables juices more often. I just grab whatever is in the fridge, especially the stuff that is a bit older and juice it up. I make two or three glasses each time, store one glass in the fridge for the next morning and freeze the rest for the next days.

Vegitables In Wooded Boxes At French Market

♥ Less stress // This totally sounds like a New Years resolution, but I have been making an effort to remind myself that the little things aren’t worth it, and that I need to pick my battles and chose what to spend my time thinking about and what to leave behind. Of course I’ve still had some stressful moments but for the most part things have been really good. I take a deep breath and decide if it is worth the time and stress and then move on from there.

What kind of routines have you tried to get into this year? How are they going and what are you doing to try and keep up with them?