99 problems but bad skin ain’t one! Skin tips & Lush Giveaway!!!


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That’s right, it’s the end of 2014 and I may have a few problems but bad skin surely isn’t one of them, all thanks to a new skin routine and a few key products which are now my holy grails. Also I just couldn’t finish off the year without one more giveaway, so read on to see how you can win an amazing Lush Christmas pack worth over $50!!!!!

I have struggled with my skin for such a long, long time – and I’ll be honest I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Due to some not so fab genetics as soon as I turned twelve my skin was overtaken by oil and acne, bad acne. It’s a long story, but I ended up taking Roaccutane (a serious prescription medicine) for way too long and then still suffering breakouts and sore acne heading into my twenties. I was sick of it and worried about taking more medicine. Skipping to 2014 I decided to clear up my skin and discovered one of my most favourite brands of all time, Lush!

♥ I realised that just stripping my skin of all oils wasn’t working I had been obsessed with that super clean feeling on my skin because to me that meant no oil so no pimples. Now I realise that I want to clear away the bad oils and replace it with good oils and moisture. I exfoliate twice a week with Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser from Lush which soaks up the bad oils and leaves my face feeling really nice and clean but not super dry. I always follow up a good scrub or face mask with some Rosehip Oil. At the moment I’m using Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip oil. This product has really helped with my acne scarring and marks too.


♥ I started using a toner There are so many three step skincare collections out there but I just never really understood the concept of a toner. Toners also seemed kind of old fashioned to me for some reason and unnecessary. Now I don’t make it through the day without my morning and night spray of Tea Tree Water, a toner water from Lush. The antibacterial properties are perfect for my acne prone skin and it just feels so nice and fresh.

♥ Replacing chemicals with more natural products Of course sometimes with skin issues you need something that is a little more aggressive, but this year my skin benefited from going as natural as possible. I replaced my typical acne killing face wash with the much more gentle Angels on Bare Skin by Lush and tried out a few more natural facial moisturisers. My favourites are the Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and the Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream. I’ve just started trying   ‘Gorgeous’, a facial moisturiser from Lush and so far I am loving it.

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♥ Treating my skin like a princess I decided that my skin probably wasn’t going to be the best if I wasn’t treating it the best, so I’ve been as gentle and careful with it as possible. I have Tuesday glam glow pamper nights where I use a face mask (either Glam Glow or the Linden Leaves Clay Cleansing Masque), moisturise all over and relax. I never, ever sleep with makeup on and now that it is a habit I can’t even bare the thought of sleeping in a full face. I also try super hard to not pick, scratch or squeeze at my face, although sometimes it’s so hard not to touch!!

A big change has been that as my skin has improved I’ve felt more confident with a bare face, and therefore have been able to let my skin breath more with makeup free days – it’s a pretty positive cycle once you get going!

♥ Beauty from the inside out One of my big goals this year was to drink more water and I got into a great habit of drinking at least 1 and a half litres of water a day. I have taken some multivitamins on and off throughout the year including Evening Primrose Oil which is known for helping with skin issues. Supplements and vitamins is something I want to be better at next year – it can be so hard to remember to take them.

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I’d love to help one of my readers feel amazing in their skin with my Christmas Lush giveaway! 

Thanks to Lush I have a Happy Christmas pack to giveaway worth over $55, including some of my favourite Lush products and my new amazing moisturiser discovery ‘Gorgeous’. Enter below to be in to win!

Good Luck!

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