99 problems but bad skin ain’t one! Skin tips & Lush Giveaway!!!


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That’s right, it’s the end of 2014 and I may have a few problems but bad skin surely isn’t one of them, all thanks to a new skin routine and a few key products which are now my holy grails. Also I just couldn’t finish off the year without one more giveaway, so read on to see how you can win an amazing Lush Christmas pack worth over $50!!!!!

I have struggled with my skin for such a long, long time – and I’ll be honest I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Due to some not so fab genetics as soon as I turned twelve my skin was overtaken by oil and acne, bad acne. It’s a long story, but I ended up taking Roaccutane (a serious prescription medicine) for way too long and then still suffering breakouts and sore acne heading into my twenties. I was sick of it and worried about taking more medicine. Skipping to 2014 I decided to clear up my skin and discovered one of my most favourite brands of all time, Lush!

♥ I realised that just stripping my skin of all oils wasn’t working I had been obsessed with that super clean feeling on my skin because to me that meant no oil so no pimples. Now I realise that I want to clear away the bad oils and replace it with good oils and moisture. I exfoliate twice a week with Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser from Lush which soaks up the bad oils and leaves my face feeling really nice and clean but not super dry. I always follow up a good scrub or face mask with some Rosehip Oil. At the moment I’m using Trilogy’s Certified Organic Rosehip oil. This product has really helped with my acne scarring and marks too.


♥ I started using a toner There are so many three step skincare collections out there but I just never really understood the concept of a toner. Toners also seemed kind of old fashioned to me for some reason and unnecessary. Now I don’t make it through the day without my morning and night spray of Tea Tree Water, a toner water from Lush. The antibacterial properties are perfect for my acne prone skin and it just feels so nice and fresh.

♥ Replacing chemicals with more natural products Of course sometimes with skin issues you need something that is a little more aggressive, but this year my skin benefited from going as natural as possible. I replaced my typical acne killing face wash with the much more gentle Angels on Bare Skin by Lush and tried out a few more natural facial moisturisers. My favourites are the Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser and the Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream. I’ve just started trying   ‘Gorgeous’, a facial moisturiser from Lush and so far I am loving it.

angels on bare skin

♥ Treating my skin like a princess I decided that my skin probably wasn’t going to be the best if I wasn’t treating it the best, so I’ve been as gentle and careful with it as possible. I have Tuesday glam glow pamper nights where I use a face mask (either Glam Glow or the Linden Leaves Clay Cleansing Masque), moisturise all over and relax. I never, ever sleep with makeup on and now that it is a habit I can’t even bare the thought of sleeping in a full face. I also try super hard to not pick, scratch or squeeze at my face, although sometimes it’s so hard not to touch!!

A big change has been that as my skin has improved I’ve felt more confident with a bare face, and therefore have been able to let my skin breath more with makeup free days – it’s a pretty positive cycle once you get going!

♥ Beauty from the inside out One of my big goals this year was to drink more water and I got into a great habit of drinking at least 1 and a half litres of water a day. I have taken some multivitamins on and off throughout the year including Evening Primrose Oil which is known for helping with skin issues. Supplements and vitamins is something I want to be better at next year – it can be so hard to remember to take them.

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I’d love to help one of my readers feel amazing in their skin with my Christmas Lush giveaway! 

Thanks to Lush I have a Happy Christmas pack to giveaway worth over $55, including some of my favourite Lush products and my new amazing moisturiser discovery ‘Gorgeous’. Enter below to be in to win!

Good Luck!

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* Competition only open to those living in NZ, sorry!

  • Oooh, I’ve tried a sample of Gorgeous from Lush. It is divine (with a huge pricetag to go with it!). I haven’t tried the exfoliant, but I think I might have to give it a go 🙂

    • I would definitely recommend Dark Angels as an exfoliant, especially if your skin can be a bit oily as the charcoal gets rid of all of that! Divine is the perfect way to describe Gorgeous, it just feels so luxurious! I’m in love with it!

      • I’m going to have to go to Lush later, and get some then. What a tragedy 😛

        • hehehehehe!

          • I’m going to blame you. You are a bad influence. My bank account is sad now :p

          • Haha your bank account might be a little sad, but your skin will love you!!!

          • Good point! Happy skin is what we all want, so too bad bank account.

  • I have recently started using Angels On Bare Skin – can’t rave about it enough! It’s made all the difference, I am the opposite and have slightly dry skin and this keeps it settled. What an awesome prize, thanks for the opportunity!

    • Thanks for entering Kerry! Isn’t it cool that Angels On Bare Skin can work for such different skin types. It’s just so calming, and settling like you said!

  • I want to answer your question but I can’t. I find that Lush are always mixing it up and putting out new and improved stuff. I never buy the same thing twice but I do love to see what seasonal items they bring out!

    • You are so good always trying out new products! I often do try out new products from Lush, but find it hard to steer away from my favourites!

      • It’s understandable, I mean stick to what you know!
        I know so little about beauty that I just tend to pick what smells good lol.

        • Following your nose at Lush is a super good idea though!

          • Good gracious yes! Are you taking some lovely smell products with you to Thailand?

          • I sure am! Couldn’t leave them at home. I’ll take my usual Lush skin care products with me and also some Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner to keep my skin happy in the hot, dry weather.

          • The humidity over there is a killer!

          • I think Thailand will definitely be the hottest country I’ve ever visited. I’m hoping i’ll just get use to the heat after a day or two… or is that wishful thinking?

  • Courtney Jarrett

    Ultrabland is my ultimate – it’s a tough as cleanser that is gentle but removes EVERYTHING whilst still being moisturising enough to not leave my skin tight and dry and awful.

    • I still haven’t tried Ultrabland and so, so need to!

  • I love the Cupcake face mask. It’s great for oily acne prone skin which I’ve had since forever. My sister even likes it which is weird but also means I have to share.

    • That’s my favourite face mask too! I also like the one that has blueberries in it, I think its a calming one but i can’t remember what it’s called

  • I always love to hear when people have figured out how to help their skin out a bit!! I’m still learning about my own skin so this was rather helpful to read 🙂 i would have to say that my all time favourite LUSH product is the Vanillary solid perfume stick!! Followed in close second by the Lemony Flutter nail and hand creme! 🙂

    • It’s been a super long road, but I am so happy with where my skin is at now. I find that I still get very small hormonal breakouts, but I figure there’s not too much I can do about that. However when I do get them things seem to clear up a lot faster than before. I really like the Lemony Flutter Hand creme too!

  • Tabykitten

    I love their fresh masks – I’m also in love with ‘Fun’ – it smells amazing!

    • Do you have a favourite fresh face mask? =) I’ve tried three so far, but want to try more!

      • Tabykitten

        My very fav at the moment is The Sacred Truth – but they didn’t have it last time I went in 🙁 I tried the BBSeaweed one, but I’m not a fan. It’s more drying (on me anyway) than what I wanted. Hopefully they’ll have Sacred Truth back in! What’s your fav of the ones you’ve tried?

        • Tabykitten

          Oh sorry! D’oh, I just saw where the Cupcake one is your fav! Ooo… I might try that one next time, it sounds really nice!

          • Hehe, yup Cupcake is my fav! The Sacred Truth sounds cool, what’s its main ingredients?

          • Tabykitten

            It’s got papaya, wheatgrass, green tea… it’s really nice and it smells amazing! I wanted something moisturising, I’ve been using some anti-acne treatments and it’s left my skin so dry 🙁 That’s why I’m not so crazy about this seaweed one, it isn’t what I was expecting.

          • Oooooo that sounds super nice! I’ve had that exact same issue of anti-acne creams and treatments drying out my skin, it’s a tough balance. I remember at one point I went way too overboard with a spot treatment and ended up with skin flaking off my face, scary!

          • Tabykitten

            Something that I’ve just found that works really well for flaking skin (at least it does for me) – Blackmore’s Bio Vitamin E. I open the capsule and put it on the area that’s been a problem and a couple of days later it’s back to normal 🙂

          • That’s a super handy tip!!

  • Vildana Mesic

    I know exactly how you feel. I struggled with my skin so much and even tried prescription medicine. But LUSH has been my savior. I am a huge fan of their Grease Lightning spot treatment, it works so fast. But I gotta say I am obsessed with their Rose scents and Dirty range. Like omg can something smell that good!?!!!!

    • yay! That’s exactly how I feel. It can be so exhausting worrying about your skin and I wasn’t really aware at the time of all the side effects etc of the medicines I was on =( I am so happy that I’m able to control it now in a much better way! I also use the Grease Lightning Spot treatment, in fact I’ve just run out and need to grab a new one!

  • I always walk past lush and it smells so amazing I’d really love to give some of their goodies a try!

  • Nicole Hall

    I have never tried Lush but my skin gets do oily in summer I would live to try so e of these goodies out!!

    • Definitely need to give Lush a go then Nicole! You’ll fall in love!

  • Chikoboo

    Twilight bath bomb is my ultimate Lush item I get all panicky once I run low on my supply of them for fear they will stop selling them, I constantly have to have at least 2-3 in hand at all times =)

    • haha I am one of those back up products people too, I just hate not having something I really need/want!

  • Sarah Scobie

    I have actually started using most of the products you mentioned as I had the same problem – bad acne and oily skin. I love dark angel cleanser and also the tea tree toner. I had been buying such expensive products but I think since my skin was so sensitive the chemicals in those products was making it all worse. I love LUSH stuff but the dark angels is definately my favourite, and now my boyfriends too haha 🙂

    • Haha my boyfriend uses Dark Angels too! It’s great because when I run out of mine I know just where to go if I can’t get to Lush quick enough

  • Renae Mespel

    Thanks for running this giveaway Laura. My fave product is Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. I tried a sample of that and loved it. It’s fantastic for someone who’s not faithful to moisturize or don’t immediately as soon as they get out of the shower because the oils give bit of moisture. Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous skincare pack.

  • Krystle Field

    Awesome post- I find the Trilogy Rosehip oil to be amazing too and the thought of going to bed with my make up still on makes me shudder! I haven’t tried the skincare products from Lush before but have heard people rave about them. I love the Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub 🙂

    • The Trilogy oil is so nice isn’t it?! I’ve tried a few other similar brands ones, but seem to always come back to Trilogy. I like that even though it’s an oil it doesn’t actually seem that oily, if you know what I mean haha.

  • Ashleigh Hickey

    Trilogy rosehip oil is amazing!! I’ve been using it on my eyes with great results. Really digging natural skincare at the mo some gorgeous products on offer these days

    • How often do you use it around your eyes? I dab it under my eyes now and then when I use the oil on my face, but have been thinking about using it under my eyes much more often as my skin needs a little help there after all my puffy eye allergic reactions from Spring.

      • Ashleigh Hickey

        Most nights. I have an oil cleanser and serum routine at night and use a little rosehip around my eyes and lips.

        • I think I’m going to start dabbing it on maybe every second night in conjunction with some Elizabeth Arden Serum capsules I’m using. Lips is a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that one!

  • At the moment, I’m loving Rose Jam shower gel. I’d love to try ‘Gorgeous’ x

    • Rose Jam shower gel is so nice! I got it in a Christmas pack last year and really loved it.

  • Victoria Elizabeth Oldfield

    I’ve never tried the Lush skincare before but now I think I need to! My favourite prouduct ever from them is the Ro’s Argan body conditioner. It’s literally the perfect smell! I’ve had the same skin problems as you for years and years and am only just now slowly getting some improvements. I definitely agree that changing from products that strip my oils to products that replace with good oils has been life changing. The tea tree toner and black scrub sound like a must have! Have you tried any of the skincare from Mecca? I swear by the eve lom cleanser and Egyptian magic for night time deep cleanse and moisture. You should go in and check them out

    • I just bought some Ro’s Argan body conditioner the other day because they had it at the Queen Street store in little potholes for like $8, it is so, so nice! I just use it as a body moisturiser and don’t wash it off in the shower or anything. I am so mad no one informed me of the whole bad oils and good oils saga when I was younger! I haven’t tried anything from Mecca, but I would definitely like too.

  • I love the Lush Oatifix mask! I love that Sukin moisturiser too, my skin just drinks it up

    • I just bought some new Sukin today, even though I don’t even quite need more yet haha. I haven’t tried Oatfix, is it for sensitive skin?

  • Meagan Kerr

    I swear by Lush! Everything is so nice on my skin and hair, and it smells amazeballs! My favourite products are the Rose Jam shower gel and Rose Jam perfume (which was limited edition last year). Bet you can’t guess my fave scent haha 😉

    • Hehehehe! I had some Rose Jam shower at the start of the year and just went through it so quickly because I was obsessed with the smell haha

  • Vanessa

    Oh shoot, did not see this was only open in NZ before I entered. Sorry, disregard that and good luck to everyone else

    • No worries Vanessa! Hopefully at some point I can do a world wide giveaway =)

  • Amanda Delhaas

    Turkish Delight shower smoothie followed by ro’s argan body conditioner!
    I was a Lush virgin till yesterday! and now I’m overly obsessed and can’t wait to try more of their products 🙂

    • I am legit putting on some Ro’s Argan on my legs with one hand as I type, it’s such amazing stuff!

  • Artemis

    Ultrabalm is so useful for so many different things!

    • Yes! I’ve written a full review on it as there are just so many uses for it. I think it’s one of those products everyone needs to have in their home.

  • I love the Santa’s Lip Scrub!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  • Jessie Hutchins

    Thank you for the reminder – Angels on Bare skin is the BEST! My skin has been a little problematic, and I had completely forgotten that previously AOBS made my skin look so good 🙂

    • Isn’t it just the best! It’s just so nice and natural =)

  • Laura Craig

    My fave is the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter and also the Rub Rub Rub scrub 🙂 what an awesome giveaway!

    • I haven’t tried the Lemony Flutter Butter and I really think I need to. I’ve often used Ultrabalm on my nails and cuticles.

  • Harriet Lockett

    This is terrible because I SHOULD know the name of it, but I scratched the label off the bottle… There’s this delicious hand creme Ami got me from there. It smells divine and it makes my hands so soft and happy.

    • Oooo I wonder what it is? Could it maybe be the Lemony Butter that Laura is talking about below?

  • Drinking loads of water is my number one beauty tip!

    My favourite Lush product is the Ayesha face mask! I actually have it on right now.

    Georgina | Baby Rebel

  • Loz Colwill

    My absolute favvvvvvourite Lush product is the R&B hair moisturiser! Definitely something to check out as it’s a bit like Dark Angels but for your hair 🙂 xxx

    • I think I really need to try that out. My hair is quite dry at the moment from dying my hair grey so it needs a bit of TLC

  • The competition is now closed. Thanks so much for entering! I will be randomly selecting a winner in a min!