Amazing Halloween Makeup Inspiration – throwback!

. Halloween makeup looks

Halloween is the perfect excuse to get amazingly creative with your makeup, to help you out I have put together some incredible looks and inspiration for wherever you’re heading on October the 31st. Although of course Halloween is suppose to be about the spooky and the scary, I can’t stop looking at all the cute and clever makeup – so there’s a lot of that here! Let me know what you think of these looks and whether you are going to try any out for yourself this Halloween!

. Ursula Makeup Halloween disney

Halloween is no dress up party until someone turns up in a Disney inspired costume. This look above is so precise, even down to the tones in her hair colour. Click on the image to see a video tutorial of how to recreate this look!

. Promise disney looks

Or if princesses are more your thing, maybe try Snow White or Elsa from Frozen. Both these looks are by Promise Tamang – there’s even an evil Snow White version. Click the image to link to the tutorials!

. killer clown nicole Guerriero

Heading out with a man friend? How about this killer couples costume! I really like the different coloured lenses in this look, adds an extra bit of craziness.

doll makeup
Left: Anna Bell Style, Centre: Rebekah Banks, Right: Xtianaland

A doll makeup can be as simple or as complicated as you want. A white eye pencil is essential for these looks (my favourite is the NYX Jumbo pencil in ‘milk’), an easy to use black eye pencil like the Eye Of Horus black smokey eye pencil and some beautiful big false lashes.

. effie trinket kandee johnson

I love this creation of Effie Trinket by Kandee Johnson, maybe it’s even better than the original! You can find eyelid temporary tattoos to use rather than hand drawing those patterns online at at Studio Glam at New Lynn mall in Auckland.

Left: Made ULook by Lex Right: Shourei's Art & Cosplay
Left: Made ULook by Lex Right: Shourei’s Art & Cosplay

An animal look is something you can pull together with products and makeup you already have, especially if it’s a last minute decision or invite. I feel like I could pull together Jean’s look below in the same amount of time it usually takes to do my regular ‘going out’ makeup.

Jean Watts
Image from Jean Watts
sugar skull makeup
Left: Shaaanxo Right: Rebeka Banks

These two sugar skull styles show how you can add little details to make the look more individualised. I love the pretty spider web design on Rebeka’s sugar skull.

disney makeup
Left: Promise Tamang  Right: Nicole Guerriero

Okay, I just couldn’t help it! To finish off here are two more Disney inspired looks – a freaky Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. Both require a flawless base before you start adding in the amazing detail. Depending on your hair situation there’s lots of options for temporarily changing the colour – purchase a wig, get some coloured hair spray or pick up some hair chalk online. Or go all out with the wild hair colours trend and dye it for real, as long as your boss doesn’t mind!