Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit VS AC On Tour by Australis

contouring and highlighting kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit VS the AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit – which one should you chose?

Firstly, a little background information on my experiences with the two. I purchases the ABH kit a few months ago now to jump on the contour/kontour bandwagon. I am no contour queen, however now and then I get it right and it looks good – other times it all just ends up blended into my face for no one to notice anyways. I more recently purchased the Australis contouring and highlighting kit because I was so dumbstruck when I finally came across it in store – seriously, I had been looking for this baby since before Christmas and then all of a sudden on a crisp Saturday, there it was. It was also the last one on the shelf making it all so much more dramatic. It felt like it was meant to be.

Do I need two contour kits? God no!… I mean did I also mention I’m partial to a bit of shadowing of the cheekbones with my NYX Taupe blush? But I really wanted to compare the two and weigh up the pros and cons. Best case scenario is that I discover a waaaaay cheaper dupe to the ABH one and have a back up kit to leave at my boyfriends.

Okay – so lets compare the two in regards to packaging, price, availability and first impressions…

The details // 

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

$40.00 USD

6 powders in total (3 contouring, 3 highlighting)

3 shades available (light to medium, medium to tan, tan to deep)

purchase online on the official website

Secure black compact, powders are removable and refillable

♥ AC On Tour Contouring and Highlighting Kit by Australis

$21.50 NZD

6 powders in total (3 contouring, 3 highlighting)

purchase in-store (Farmers, Kmart) or online at or

Lighter plastic black compact.

First Impressions //

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills

The compact looks professional and the heaviness of it makes it feel like quality. The powders are pigmented (more so the contouring powders then the highlighting ones) and quite fine. Although at first I was concerned the contour shades weren’t right for my skin tone they blend in nicely and I find that the middle one suits me well. The highlighting shades aren’t as shimmery or pigmented as other that I have used, but they are still really nice. The middle banana powder is by far my favourite and lives up to its reputation of being the perfect powder for setting under eye concealer.

I’ve found that the powders blend much better and easier on powder rather than liquid foundation, so I use the shades to contour once I have set my liquid foundation with a powder (usually MAC studio fix powder). After a few months of semi-regular use the powders look barely even used.

♥ AC on tour contouring and highlighting kit by Australis

I really like the pink and black together, however the palette is made of a much lighter, thinner plastic compared to the ABH one. The powders are of an average pigment and are a bit thicker and more powdery. The highlight shades are quite faint colours, I definitely prefer something stronger. The shades are very similar to the ABH one, so I went for the middle of the contour shades first. This one isn’t quite to my skin tone and appears really muddy on my face, despite a lot of blending. I then tried out the first contour shade instead and again it’s just not quite right and doesn’t blend in perfectly, however it’s a better match than the second shade.

I manage to get it blended to a ‘okay to go out’ level but it’s a bit too dark and noticeable for me. The dust the first highlighter shade along my cheekbones but pump it up with my MAC soft and gentle. The banana powder sets my concealer under my eyes nicely, I get no creasing and no mascara settling under my eyes.

contour kit


So which one is for you?

I guess it really depends on skin tone and budget. I find that the ABH shades in the light to medium contour kit suit my skin much better, also the more finely milled powder is much easier to blend. I definitely prefer the contouring shades in the ABH kit, however I prefer other highlighters to all of the shades in both the palettes for highlighting my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose etc.

The banana powder was a huge selling point for me in buying a contour kit in the first place and neither kits disappoint. I have loved the ABH banana powder for awhile now and it’s the only product I’ve used to set under my eyes (replacing my E.L.F under eye setting powder). The Australis version is also really good and I would say it is a solid dupe for the ABH shade, however I can feel a bit of a quality difference between the two. But of course I can, the price difference is huge!

The AC on tour kit is much cheaper than it’s ABH friend, in theory it should also be much easier to get your hands on, but it isn’t. I have only come across the Australis kit once in person, and have really actively looked out for it, but there are online options if you haven’t come across it in store.

If you are new to contouring and highlighting then I would recommend finding an AC on tour kit and testing it out to see if the shades suit your skin tone and whether the powder blends nicely for you – if so, you are on to a total winner. If you are already a ABH fan and a bit of a contouring convert then I think you have already decided that it’s ABH all the way.

Have you tried either of these contouring and highlighting kits? What do you think of them?