Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Is It Worth The Hype?

collage text I was crazy excited when my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit arrived a few weeks ago. This brand is my go to for all things eye brow related, and with their growing popularity along with my general love for a bit of contouring I decided to click buy. It was something I soo didn’t need, but really wanted. The palette looks so pretty and luxurious and if it was going to give me a Kim Kardashian face than why not!?

Warning! It isn’t cheap or that easy to get in NZ. When I went to buy it all my usual online stores either didn’t stock it or were sold out. It is currently in stock on the official site and costs $40.00 USD plus $17.95 USD for standard shipping. That adds up to approx $72 NZ dollars. I was lucky to find a brand new one on a Facebook Makeup sale page for much cheaper – if you’d like to know the page please ask me below =)

Okay, so what is it like and does it live up to all the hype? Short answer……. kind of……. 

I love the sleekness and look of the palette, It just has this really nice kind of luxurious feeling to it. Also the range of six shades it comes with have been selected really carefully so that no matter your natural skin tone you will be able to utilize at the very least a few of them. The shades are also refillable/replaceable so if you hit pan on your favourite one waaay before anything else you can just replace that single one (the contour refills are $14 USD each).

Down to the actual product, I find the powders good but they haven’t blown me away. I don’t know if I was expecting too much maybe? The pigmentation is fine, the darker shades aren’t annoyingly glittery but it hasn’t made me go wow. However I definitely rate the contouring darker shades much higher than the three highlighting powders.

Swatch of the three contouring shades
Swatch of the three contouring shades (one swipe)

When I am going to all the effort of highlighting and contouring my face I want it to stand out (in a good way of course not a “have you got mud and chalk on your face?” way) and the highlighters just don’t really work for me. I prefer my usual highlighting products much more. It could be that these ones just don’t work for my skin tone? I don’t know. One thing I am yet to try is using the banana shade as a setting powder for my under eye concealer which I hear works a treat – maybe that will change my opinion of at least one of them.

I can almost guarantee that this Friday when I am doing my makeup to head out for a big night, I probably won’t reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit first. I might use ‘Java’ from the kit, however I could use my NYX blush in ‘Taupe’ and get the same effect. And for highlighting I think I’ll stick to one of my top favourites, either my E.L.F blush in ‘Gotta Glow’ or my MAC Cream Colour Base in ‘Pearl’.

photo 4

You may have heard that Australis have just brought out a Contour Kit which looks to be a very close dupe to the Anastasia one. I would maybe suggest giving that a try first before digging crazy deep into your pockets – I’m going to give it a try and might even do a comparison!