Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams


Most of you will know that I am a huge fan of the Australis Velourlips Matte Lip Creams. I love a matte lip, I love a lip colour with staying powder, liquid to matte without being too drying is my thing and clearly these were actually made to fulfil my lip product dreams. 

This has naturally led to a bit of a collection on my makeup desk. However these aren’t one of those things that sit at the back of a drawer and get used now and then when I have a big night out. I use a range of the shades I own on a really regular basis, I’m talking using 3-4 different shades a week. The brighter, bold shades are perfect for when I want to make my lips the feature of my makeup look and being so long lasting means that I can swipe one on in the morning for work and not even have to think about checking it until way later in the day.


From left to right: Tok-i-o, Grandmaster Pash, Ho-chee-min, Shang-hi, Lun-dun, Buda-pash, Bar-tha-lona, Ma-li-boo & Pa-ree

You can probably tell what my favourite colour is from those swatches of my collection. I do definitely wear the pink shades the most, I have especially been wearing Shang-hi quite a bit lately. However I love Pa-ree for a low key nude lip look and Tok-i-o is perfect for a stand out purple lip. One of my autumn/winter goals is to wear a bit more red and I think Bar-tha-lona will jump in on this.

Although the Australis PR team assure me that all the Velourlips have the same formula, I swear that the newer shades seem to last even longer on my lips. However I guess this could be due to the actual product just being newer maybe?

The best canvas for your matte lip creme is a lip that is clean and dry. Being a matte shade these products will highlight cracks and dryness if you have any, in saying this though it is best not to layer on any lip balm before applying the product. You’ll find that it just won’t dry on the lips as nicely as usual and won’t last as long if you apply lip balm right before hand. Instead, put a light layer on when you start doing your makeup so it’s all soaked in by lippy time.

The shades are all fully opaque so theres no need to really build up the product on your lips or lay it on heavy. Just a light swipe or two is just enough and I find that a little bit of product goes a long way anyways.

Don’t forget that with these long lasting means long lasting, so you will need to use actual makeup remover to get it off. I find that even after rubbing my lips with a makeup wipe and going to sleep, if i had been wearing any of the bolder colours (Tok-i-o, Shang-hi etc) there will still be a stain on my lips in the morning. That doesn’t bother me though!

Which Velourlips matte lip creams do you have in your collection? Are there any shades you are currently lusting over?

Find Australis Velourlips in-store at Farmers or online at, or

♥ Three shades sent to me for consideration, rest of collection was purchased by me =)

  • I have to get some of these! I’ve been dying to get Par-ee forever <3

    • I really, really like Par-ee and I think it would look awesome on you! I hope they come out with some more nude shades similar to Par-ee actually!

  • I’m so lusting over buda-pash! Tried it on the other day and I am in love. The wicked dupe that I’ve been looking for since ages.
    Lovely post Laura! and everyone knows your obsession with velourlips..haha

    • Thanks Nishu! Buda-pash is quite a bit darker than what I would normally wear, but it is so pretty that I think I will give it a whirl!

  • I love these! After seeing your swatch I really wanna try Bart-tha-long and Ma-li-boo! x

    • They would both look so nice on you! I wore Bar-tha-lona today to work and loved it, it lasted all day!

  • Dash Kitten in NZ

    I can only say – WOW – these look stunning I can’t wait to go buy some!!!

    • They are really stunning, and so true to colour! You’ll have to let me know what shades you get!

  • Rachael Naidu

    I have Tok-i-o & Ma-li-boo and I am literally in love with them. The colors are just so vibrant and I love the finish!!

    Pop on over | Rachael Styles Me

    • It is the vibrancy that really got me into them in the first place. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Rachael!