New Australis Velourlips shades – BAE-JING and MUM-BAI


The five brand new Australis Velourlips shades are out in stores now and I’ve got my hands on my two favourites BAE-JING and MUM-BAI. Both shades are so pretty, and yet so different from one another. You can check these out at your usual Australis stockist (Farmers, Kmart etc) however I thought I’d show you all a quick swatch before you go shopping! 


BAE-JING is a pinky purple (more purple than shown in this swatch above) and could be seen as a more pink rather than peachy LUN-DUN. MUM-BAI is a dark, deep purple which can be built-up on the lip to be as dark as you want. Something else to note is the super cool packaging on the two darker shades.

The other shades in this new release are LOS-ANGEL-ES – a baby pink, SAN-FRAN-DISCO – a orange based red and MEL-BURN – a total black out jet black.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.52.28 pm

As always the formula is long lasting, smooth and smells delicious! Australis is completely cruelty free and the Velourlips are affordable at $15.00

What’s your favourite shade??