Do you have back up beauty products?


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Do you have back up beauty products? Turns out, I do.

In fact I have more than I really realised. I’m one of those people that does’t like to be without something that I feel I’ll need at some point. Yes, some people may call this hoarding, but I really don’t like that term because these are just products I need to store until a time when I will totally, definitely use them. I’m also no crazy coupon-er (see Extreme Couponing), but that’s not to say I don’t take advantage of a good deal. Am I obsessive? Free Dictionary states that being ‘obsessive’ is to be “continually preoccupied with a particular activity, thing or person” – so use of this adjective with my collection of back up beauty products is not wrong.Β 

But you know what, I would put money on that if you are out of a certain makeup product in an emergency type situation that I can provide you with that product or a dupe/totally of standard substitute. Now that’s a beauty bloggers party trick!

The other day I was really feeling that I wanted/needed (obsessed people don’t know the difference) a new foundation. My MAC Studio Fix is getting pretty empty and my MAC Pro-longwear is also a few pumps away from being in the bin. I decided to scan my collection before I logged on for some online shopping when I realised my makeup desk was actually a bit of a foundation haven. There were seven foundations… 7! Three of which are still sealed and never used or opened. And those sealed ones are crazy good products too…. I can’t figure out in my brain why I haven’t used them yet?!


A really good way of justifying owning many different foundations is to say that it is necessary because of the changing seasons therefore needing different shades for the different tones your skin can change between (snow white in winter, tanned Malibu Barbie in summer). I hope this is a really handy tip for you, as I have also come to the realisation that my foundations might as well be all the same shade of ‘light, but not super light’.

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Another product I have quite a bit of is lipsticks in the same or very similar shade pink. I really love MAC Saint Germain and seem to have based a lot of other lipstick purchases off this shade. I currently have two back up mascaras as well as four currently on the go. I have five Beauty Blenders and six primers because, you know, you can’t be caught without a primer.. it’s a crime!

So, it is time to fess up! What do you have beauty back ups of and how many do you have? Is having the same type of product but from different brands (like my foundations) stocked away the same as having back ups of exactly the same product? Have you semi accidentally bought the same lipstick shade over and over again?

  • WannabeMUA

    I have God knows how many mascaras as back ups, the only one that’s exactly the same is my mini They’re Reals. I think I probably buy similar shades of lippies and blush, still looking for that perfect nude lipstick. Foundations for me are about finding different levels of coverage and different finishes. Another back up I bought was a limited edition Maybelline Colour Tattoo… then I gave it to my sister for Christmas because I had to share the love.

    • I know exactly what you mean about the lipsticks and blush! I’m also still looking for my perfect nude that is not only the perfect shade but also incredibly long lasting, as I find that nudes for some reason tend to wear off (or look worn away) much faster than other colours. I often find myself giving away some of my beauty back ups when my makeup space is getting too cluttered