Bdellium tools – MAC dupe makeup brushes

bdellium tools Bdellium tools (pronounced with a silent B) are a huge range of makeup brushes which are even said to be major MAC dupes. I first came across these brushes on my regular trawl through Hyacinth girlΒ where Morgan confirmed that yes, these were indeed fab brushes if her review of the Bdellium 776 was anything to go buy. Did I need new brushes? Kind of…..

well actually I needed a new eyebrow brush because my Australis one is loosing it, and I was wanting to try the 776 that Morgan wrote about. Plus I was keen for another contouring brush to save on washing. I ended up with the face 942 (slanted contour), eyes 776 (blending) and eyes 763 (angled brow).

photo 1 They feel super nice on my face, like soft and just lovely. They are the kind of brushes you just wanna sweep all over your face because it feels good, and they are damn good quality too. The range includes vegan friendly brushes with syntheticΒ hair and sustainable bamboo handles as well as a line specifically for SFX makeup.

My order of three brushes cost me $29.50 in total, with my most expensive brush being the slanted contour at $12.50. Standard worldwide shipping is free if you spend over $20 which I LOVE – I chose this shipping method and received my brushes much sooner than the estimated 20-30 working days. If you are swinging by you can also find Bdellium tools there too, which could be a good option if you are wanting to get some other goodies (You can read more about my i-herb experiences here).


All and all I am really pleased with these brushes! I have never been one to spend a lot of money on brushes, or makeup tools for that matter. They are essentials but never seem as exciting as spending my money on new makeup products. I would and will be buying more Bdellium brushes as I go forth replacing some of my older brushes which really just need to go in the bin. Personally, I can run away happy spending $13 on a new fab makeup brush, but can’t justify throwing fifty dollar notes at little sticks with bristles on them. Can you?

  • Even I’ve been stalking these brushes after Morgan’s post! 776 was Out of Stock on iHerb last week. I have to check it again. Great post Laura πŸ™‚

    • Hopefully they get back in stock soon! Or if you want to grab a bunch while your there just head to the official website. Thanks so much Nishu! =)

  • I got mine off Amazon if that’s helpful – I have a full set of the pink ones. They are so soft and lovely, I’ve had clients comment on how soft they are! x

    • I am so glad you commented on this post Elese because it’s let me see how the top image is too big, thank you! I ended up buying a few from the official website and I love them. They are so soft and wash up so nicely.