Beauty Bliss Auckland Store Opening

Beauty Bliss Auckland store

This weekend, popular online makeup store Beauty Bliss opened it’s Auckland store in NewMarket. The opening kicked off with an event on Saturday with goodie bags for the first 20 people through the door, cupcakes and product demonstrations.

One of my best friends and I decided to head in to check it all at what we thought was an early time to maybe have a chance at a goodie bag. But turns out some girls had been there since 3am with more arriving to line up at 5am! We went and had breakfast and checked out a few other stores before lining up to get inside. It’s not often I head in to NewMarket so it was good to have a wander around.

The store is not a bad size (although it felt really small with the amount of people in there), and the walls are lined with large shelves for displaying products. As you walk in there is a large display of Sigma Brushes and tools, followed by a range of Beauty Blenders and then Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the left. On the right is a skincare section in the front with the payment counters along from there. The shop also currently stocks LA Girl Cosmetics, Australis, Collection Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution, Carousel Cosmetics, Skindinavia, BECCA and Tangle Teezer. There was a sign up in store saying NYX was coming soon and also mention on the event page of Morphe products being stocked a little while after opening day. Some of the shelves aren’t packed full of products, but I heard one of the shop assistants say that they had things behind the counter, so you just needed to ask for what you wanted to buy (fair call for the opening when so many people were in there!)

beauty bliss auckland store

For me the highlights of the store are the beautiful BECCA stand and that there is now a physical shop to purchase Jeffree Star Cosmetics from. Both of these brands had testers which is awesome along with a wide range of stock. I am also looking forward to when they have NYX cosmetics and I’m hoping they get in some of the less commonly found of the NYX range, e.g. not just butter glosses and everything that Farmers has.

To be honest I was hoping for a lot more brands in the store, but I do understand that it was just the opening day. I’d also like to see more of those brands which are harder to find in NZ in stores rather than already very accessible brands like Australis (however my friend and I did notice that Australis in particular was cheaper at Beauty Bliss than it is at Farmers).

beauty bliss auckland store opening

Did you also go to the opening? I’d love to know what you thought and what you bought!