Beauty chores to get done over the long weekend

beauty chores

A longer weekend means more time to get those little jobs done, so here’s my list of beauty chores to get done over the long weekend. And because it’s Easter it means you can totally justify eating chocolate while you work!

♥ Wash all your makeup brushes

Get out your brush shampoo, soap solid or a bit of coconut oil and get washing. It’s one of those jobs which is a pain at the time, but will feel so good when your all done. Make sure you have a space organised for them to dry afterwards in a position where any water won’t flow down into the handle (moisture/any liquid will weaken the glue). If you want to know my favourite brush cleaning products click herehere and here.

♥ Do a massive clean out

Old, expired and unused makeup is just a space waster, especially if you have quite a collection. Take some time to go through your products and get rid of things which you no longer need. I like to organise my clear outs into two piles, things which are finished, too old or no longer usable for the bin and products which I just don’t want any more but are completely fine to give away to friends and family. If you really just don’t know where or how to start click here for some tips on how I do a big clear out.

when you should throw out makeup

♥ Reorganise 

You’ll be amazed at how much easier everything is to find when all your products are nicely organised, it also can look super pretty too! Having a clean and tidy makeup area always makes me feel more inspired with my makeup looks. This is best done after a big clean out because then you know exactly what your working with. Keep products you use the most often easily at hand and organise the rest by use or shade (I prefer by use, e.g. all highlighters together, all eye shadows together). Make a trip to your local home organisation store or dollar store to find containers and organisational solutions, or see what you have at home to use. This article at has some really awesome DIY storage ideas.

makeup clean out

♥ Treat yo’ self 

Often I feel like I don’t have time to just relax and do a face mask and a hair mask because I have work, somewhere to be or I’m too tired by the end of the day. Make the most of having some extra time and have a total chill session, lather on a face mask, pile your hair on the top of your head while it’s covered in a treatment (I like to use pure argan oil), read a magazine while it all soaks in and then have a long hot shower afterwards. You deserve it!

♥ Make a sanitising spray

All you need is a little spray bottle, some isopropyl alcohol and water to create your own makeup sanitising spray. I use mine to give my brushes a quick bacteria kill between washes and also to clean any makeup products I sell online or give to friends. It’s easy to find recipes online how much alcohol to water to use and isopropyl is great to have on hand in case one of your powder makeup products smashes into pieces (it can make it as good as new again!)

makeup sanitising spray

♥ Catch up on all your favourite beauty YouTubers

Okay, so this is not a chore at all but it’s just totally noteworthy. Lock the door, get some snacks and catch up on all those videos you have piling up. You can even make an afternoon of it and try out some of the looks you see afterwards.

♥ Make a shopping cart wish list

Another one that’s not really a chore, go on to your favourite online store and start building up a shopping cart wish list. Whether you are actually going to buy the products or not isn’t important, it’s just fun to see what’s out there, what shades are available and also whether anything’s on sale!


I’d love to know if you are busy doing beauty chores this weekend, let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!