Your Beauty Guru Match – Find the Beauty Blogger/YouTuber that matches you best

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I discovered this last week and just had to share, Your Beauty Guru Match is a site which helps you find a beauty blogger or Youtuber which matches you best so that you can get the right advice for you. It asks you a couple of questions about your skin tone, type (e.g dry, oily, combo), your eye and hair colour and about your eye shape.

After submitting that information you get matched with as many beauty gurus as possible who are similar to you. There are currently 209 different gurus connected to the site with a wide range of skin tones and different hair and eye colours – so there’s hopefully someone to match everyone!

When I did my match I got 14 different gurus which I was really impressed with considering my all over the place skin (combination, sensitive and acne prone). They all looked like bloggers and YouTubers that I could definitely relate too. I really like that when your matches come up it includes their name, photo, hair and eye colour and their foundation matches. I could instantly see that many of my matches used not only same shade as me but also loved exactly the same foundations as I do!ย 

You can find your beauty guru matches here at I’d love to know how your matches go!