The Best Beauty Instagram Accounts


Today I’m sharing my pick of the best beauty Instagram accounts. I look to Instagram for inspiration, information and just general prettiness. I love scrolling through different accounts and seeing what’s new, what’s coming soon and what everyone is up to. Here are my favourite beauty related Instagram accounts at the moment, these are accounts I check almost each day (and sometimes several times a day) for a dose of Instagram inspo!

P.S all the Instagram account names in the titles link directly to the accounts, so you can check them out straight away!

Trendmood1 ♥ Trendmood1

This account not only has a huge range of gorgeous makeup photos but it often is the first place to announce big product releases and news. If I ever hear a rumour about something incredible coming out I check this account first for the scoop.

Wendy_online ♥ Wendy_online

Wendy Nguyen is the queen of cosmetic flat lays and I regularly regram her beautiful shots. Her makeup collection is 100% GOALS! A lot of her shots are done with colour themes which I really like and her whole account is just so beautiful and calming.

Dupe that ♥ Dupethat

Dupe That is another super informative account in regards to beauty news, but they also feature lots of product swatches comparing products and showing different dupes. Each dupe shot always includes the brand, shade name and price so you can easily compare them and look them up. The actual photography is done really well so you can see the shades in true lighting.

lab muffin ♥ Labmuffin

This account is based on a blog which looks at the science behind beauty and skincare. There’s lots of interesting and helpful tips, as well as pretty photos and mini product reviews. It’s a great source if you are wondering what that active ingredient in your skincare is actually supposed to do or if you want to know more about what works and what doesn’t.

melt cosmetics ♥ Meltcosmetics

If you are looking for bright and bold then this is the place for you. I really like the Melt Cosmetics account because it showcases their products in so many different and fun ways. It’s packed full of inspiration, especially if you are wanting to create a look on yourself which has a pop of colour.

too faced ♥ Toofaced

I am craving quite a few products from Too Faced Cosmetics, so that’s perhaps why I have found myself visiting their account a lot recently. They share stunning product shots and amazing looks from fans using their cosmetics. The account also features quite a bit of pink which automatically makes me smile.

makeup by Jaz ♥ Makeupby_jaz

This Australia based makeup artist is not only a total babe, but her makeup transformations on clients are incredible. She uses a lot of matte and nude shades which are my all time favourite and I also really enjoy the videos she puts up of her doing makeup. I’m envious of her blending skills!

What’s your favourite beauty Instagram account?