Big Bucket Haul – November

Big Bucket Haul

Here is my November Big Bucket Haul! I heard that Big Bucket Sales are closing down, so I thought I better go before they end forever (although I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I believe they are actually closing down? I feel it could be like those rug sales that are forever popping up!). As always I was keen to pop in to get some dry shampoo as it is one of my life essentials. And I was keen to see what else was there and whether the closing down prices would be super cheap. It turned out that they had an extra 30% off marked prices for all cosmetic items, which meant I got some pretty sweet bargains.

I first went for the whole reason why I had traversed all the way through busy Lincoln Road, Batiste Dry Shampoo. I grabbed a tropical and a ‘blonde’ one for $6.30 each. I think this brings my stock up to five cans, which seems excessive but I go through it sooo fast! Right next to that were some TIGI salon hair products, so I grabbed a large bottle of conditioner for $14. Awhile back I got some large, salon bulk size  Joico shampoo and conditioner and it’s just so much easier buying the giant bottles and not having to worry about running out all the time. It’s also cheaper!

Maybelline life is your runway set

The Maybelline Life is Your Runway Makeup Set caught my eye because Angela at A Style Collector  had picked one of these up at a previous Big Bucket Sale and I was curious. The whole pack with the four products was $7 after the discount so it was a total steal. I’m going to keep it as a pack for now because I think it will be handy for over summer when I’m travelling round a little bit. The BB cream in Apricot has me intrigued!

the balm

I was surprised/excited/impressed to see The Balm at the sale. This is a brand I’ve heard so much about and have filled up shopping carts of, but never actually ended up buying. I’ve always wanted to try the Mary-Lou Manizer but sadly they didn’t have it. The Cheater mascara is volumizing and the packaging is hilarious. I liked the smooth creaminess of the concealer and was surprised that the medium shade seemed like an okay match for me. Both of these were $14 each.

I was stoked to find the Palmers’ spray lotion as I’ve been on the look out for it for awhile. I got one in a Chicks at the Flicks goodie bag and then have never seen them in store. It’s such a fast way to moisturise and the coco butter scent is so good!

Have you gone to one of the final Big Bucket Sales? I’d love to know what you got and what you thought of it!