Big Bucket Sale December Haul – MAC, Urban Decay and some essentials

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The Big Bucket sale this December was quite a surprise. I’ll be honest, I went along to the North Shore sale twice this month as they seem to have been opening and running the sale on and off all month. I went late November to the clearance sale and was really disappointed. There just wasn’t the usual range of products, what was there had all previously been opened and everything was just icky. I ended up leaving with two books and a pack of baby wipes. However, as always Big Bucket some how enticed me back, and I am glad they did because I ended up leaving with possibly some of my best Big Bucket finds ever.

A few of the usuals….

I always pick up a few of my bare essential products. This time round I grabbed two packs of Huggies Baby wipes which are my favourite type of makeup wipe and some Falsies Mascara by Maybelline. This is one of my all time favourite mascaras and my eyes have never once reacted to it which is a miracle. The only thing I find with this mascara is that if you get the wrong type (defined by the colour of the writing on the product) it easily transfers onto your under eye and just under your eyebrow.

Christmas presents…..

I grabbed my little sister a basic Revlon crayon style black eyeliner with a white highlighting pencil on the other end. It goes on nice and smoothly and seems easy to use which is exactly what she needs.

You can imagine my surprise at finding Urban Decay eye pencils at the Big Bucket Sale. I have never seen anything from Urban Decay there before, have you? They had a range of the 24/7 Glide on Pencils all in perfect condition sitting in their original boxes. I grabbed a beautiful dark coffee shade one for my present for my bestie.


And a few presents for myself….

On my alternate visit to the Urban Decay discovery I found a huge range of MAC products for sale for pretty incredible prices. Firstly, I was pretty suspicious. Obviously Big Bucket Sales are not an authorised seller of MAC (which is the only way to buy to ensure you are always getting authentic products), however on very close inspection I was pretty convinced that these were the real deal but had been stored and packed away for a wee while. I also had a quick chat to one of the sales people about the origin of the products which also helped put my mind at ease. I ended up grabbing an eyeshadow in the shade ‘Shroom’, and two lip glasses (snob and berry nice). This is definitely a risk I would never usually take, but after comparing the products with my own authorised seller purchased ones they seem the real deal.

For awhile now I have been wanting to try out a new type of eye product to help with my skin directly under my eyes which has been puffed up and stretched due to my frustrating 2 month allergy season. These Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eye Capsules came as a three pack for only $29.95 which is an amazing deal. I love the novelty of having to open up the little capsule before smoothing the serum gently under my eyes and around the contours of my eyes. With a bit of time my under eye area is really improving.

eye cap

Did you go to the latest Big Bucket Sale? What did you find?!

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