Bon Bon Bath and Beauty Review

Bon Bon Bath and Beauty

Today I’m sharing my Bon Bon Bath and Beauty review after trying out this brand for the first time recently. I have followed this brand on Instagram for awhile now, mainly because their products just look so yummy, and was lucky to get two of their most popular products for Christmas. Something else which attracted me to the brand is that it is NZ owned and operated and completely vegan! The two products I tried are the Raspberry Gelato Scrub which is a body exfoliator and the Unicorn Fluff which is a thick body wash which can also be used for shaving. 

♥ Raspberry Gelato Scrub

Firstly, this scrub smells absolutely delicious! It’s the kind of smell which you have to remind yourself that it isn’t for eating. The scrub is sugar based and has a pretty light pink colour to it. The most intriguing part about this product to me is it’s texture, it has a kind of thick bubblegum feel to it where you can stretch it out a bit but it’s not sticky (like chewing gum that’s started to go a tiny bit hard). This is quite handy when you’re in the shower as the stretchy texture makes it easier to hold and manipulate so you don’t end up dropping and losing half of it while washing. A little bit goes quite a long way and it gives you a nice clean and scrubbed feeling. With contact and rubbing on your skin the sugar does dissolve quite fast but you are able to give yourself a good scrub before that happens.

Bon Bon Unicorn Fluff

♥ Unicorn Fluff Body Wash and Shave Mousse

This body wash is a treat for all senses; it smells like bubblegum, it looks pretty and it feels super smooth and moisturising on your skin. The thickness of it makes it very hydrating as well as being able to be used as a shave mousse. The texture is more of a heavy moisturiser rather than your traditional soap or shower gel, which is what I prefer. A little bit goes a long way and a massive bonus is that the scent literally fills the room as you shower and it smells so damn good. The only thing I would say is that you need to watch that the Unicorn Fluff tub doesn’t fill up with water while it’s in the shower as you don’t want to waste any of the product.

I really love both of these products, they look so cute and feel super luxe. These are definitely a perfect gift for someone, like me, who loves beauty products with a touch of cute! You can find Bon Bon Vegan Bath and Beauty in some stores around NZ and you can buy it online here. They ship domestically (cost is $5.95 with NZ courier) and internationally. The Raspberry Gelato Scrub and the Unicorn Fluff Body Wash have become permament members of my shower!

Have you tried Bon Bon Vegan Bath and Beauty before? I’d love some recommendations of what to try next?