Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Face Mask – giving me a movie star glow

photo (3)I have recently found myself in my own kind of skin catastrophe – my skin is changing, and I think it’s for the better, but nevertheless, it’s freaking me out! Since my very early teenage years I have had to deal with every kind of oily/combination type of skin, but now it’s turning more to combination/normal-ish skin – so I turned to Catastrophe Cosmetic to help me out!

I was looking for something calming and soothing, and the fresh blueberries and chamomile certainly did the trick. Although the mask felt quite drying when on my face (I left it on for about ten minutes), once I began to rinse it off I instantly felt a difference! My face felt fresh and moisturised, most of my redness had disappeared and I know this sounds a little cheesy, but I’m being serious, I had a bit of a healthy glow going on! You know that glow you see in movies, when the drop dead gorgeous girl wakes up fresh as a daisy and looks out at her view of the Eiffel tower from her hotel terrace. That kind of glow! My face felt that good!

As all fresh face masks need to be, my new little favourite is stashed away in the fridge for it’s next use. While my skin is in this strange transitional period I am going to count on my catastrophe cosmetic to calm and refresh my face. Lush fresh face masks are just simply amazing – they are better for the environment, vegan and natural.

I highly recommend taking a trip to Lush and asking the pretty ladies there what fresh face mask is right for you! If you have redness, any kind of inflammation or your skin just needs some real looking after, test out Catastrophe Cosmetic and let me know how it goes for you.