The Kira Kira Crate from Japan Crate

Kira Kira Crate Japan Crate

The Kira Kira Crate from Japan Crate is one of their 4 different subscription crates which you can order as a one off or as a monthly subscription. The Kira Kira Crate is a Japanese beauty box which ships out each month containing a range of 6-8 different beauty products. I have tried quite a few different beauty subscription boxes in the past and always find them a fun delivery and also a great way to try new products. The last international beauty box I ordered was a Meme Box which is based on Korean beauty products so I was keen to see how these Japanese goodies would compare!

♥ How it works

The Kira Kira Crate costs $29.00 USD per box/month and that includes free international shipping and a guarantee of 6 -8 full sized products. I like that they keep the products a surprise but also show examples of the kinds of products they have sent in the past so you get a decent idea of what to expect without the surprise being completely ruined. You also receive a little info book which gives you information about everything you receive including translations (as of course the packaging isn’t in English) along with some beauty tutorials. When you sign up to a receive a box you are entered into a pay monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time easily and free of charge. There are some deals that if you prepay for a certain amount of boxes, for example paying up front for the next 6 Kira Kira Crates, then you get a discount. You can also gift boxes which is a pretty cool idea.

Japan Crate also do other style crates including Japanese snacks and candy, the ‘Doki Doki’ Crate which is basically random super cute items and the ‘Umai Crate’ which is a box full of Japanese instant Ramen and noodles.

Japan Crate

♥ My Kira Kira Crate

The crate I ordered was the March edition and it included 6 full sized products. It was packaged nicely and safely in a green boxed and wrapped with tissue paper. Here is a short description of the 6 different products I received and my thoughts on them.

DoDo Moisture Volume Lip Gloss:  There’s nothing wrong with this lip gloss however I never wear or use gloss, so for me this product was out.

Biyougeneki Collagen Face Lotion: which firstly impressed me as it is quite a large size and also something I haven’t seen before. The book explains that you use the lotion on your clean face as a light moisturiser to boost the collagen in your skin and that it works well under a thicker cream for dry skin or on its own for oily skin. This lotion is so fascinating to me as it looks in the bottle just like water! I’m really looking forward to trying it.

Yakuyouburo Irritated Skin and Acne: this is a bath salts style product which turns your bath water green while helping soothe irritated skin and smoothing flakey skin. It claims to include some herbal mixtures including chamomile. I don’t have a bath =( however I like using bath bombs and similar things to make foot bath spas at home. I’ll definitely use this some time soon.

Rilakkuma Face Mask: It’s your classic sheet mask, but its got a cute face on it and it’s limited edition.

avance lash serum

Avance Lash Serum n Tweety: This is by far the most fascinating product in my crate. It’s a Tweety Bird themed lash serum which is said to help your lash grow longer and more voluminous. I sadly have quite sensitive eyes so I’m going to be testing this out on my brows instead of my lashes. I never tried a lash growth serum type product before so I’m really glad I got this as part of my pack. It also came in a collectable little makeup bag which is a cute extra.

Hello Kitty Sticker Earrings: these were quite a surprise and such a throw back to the 90’s! I have my ears pierced (although I hardly ever wear earrings) so I don’t think I’ll be using these, but I like the touch of nostalgia.

♥ Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed receiving my Japan Crate and it was nice to get something that is quite different to the kind of subscription boxes I’ve tried before. The booklet which contains information and instructions in English is a great addition and the crate lived up to what it said it would deliver. It isn’t something I would have a reoccurring subscription too (mostly because I’ve just got enough stuff and beauty bits already) but something I’d like to order now and again. I’ve also recently ordered my second one, the April box, as a gift for a friend.

Looking at the crate value wise, at the time of purchasing the $29 USD cost me around $42 NZD which isn’t bad for 6 products! After a bit of online searching I found that the Collagen Face Lotion costs approximately $20 NZD, which is already half of what the box cost me and thats only one product, and the lash serum is worth about $15 NZD. So considering those two products make up almost the cost of the box it is good value money wise.

kira kira crate

Have you received a crate from Japan Crate before??


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