MAC Haul


So somehow I got to the end of the week and realised I had gathered up quite a MAC Haul – nine different products to be exact (don’t tell my boyfriend!) Since I acquired all these products in a few different ways I thought I’d show you them and also chat about where/how I got them, as I don’t often actually buy MAC from a physical MAC store. Continue reading

XO Beauty Haul

Shaaanxo beauty

A recent sudden desire to wear false eye lashes to an event on the weekend inspired my first XO Beauty Haul from Shaaanxo. I have always had in the back of my mind that I wanted to try out her lash range but I’m not a huge false lash person. My sensitive eyes mean there’s few opportunities to safely layer my eyes in lash eye and on the most part I have always found falsies trying and just too fiddley.

The false eyelash struggle is real, like if I am crying in frustration while doing my makeup you know I’m probably attempting false lashes. However, there were no tears or tantrums this time round!

I grabbed one pair of ‘the romantic lashes’, one tube of white Duo glue and Continue reading

New arrivals on my makeup desk – colourpop and whitening lightening


I’ve had a few new things arrive recently and I wanted to share them with you, I’ve jumped into the Colourpop trend and decided to try something new to whiten my teeth.

My gorgeous friend Candy and I decided to go halves on a Colourpop order. I have been seeing this brand everywhere! And although I don’t want to be all same old, I had to try it for myself.

I grabbed a lippie stix, a lippie pencil, two eye shadows and a blush. So controlled right? I just wanted to order a few things that would give me a feel for the products and the brand (plus I am trying to not go overboard on the spending as holiday plans are unfolding!).

colourpop lip pencil

Above are the two lip products I bought. On the left is the lipstick in the shade ‘Brills’ and on the right, the lip pencil ‘pepper’. I really like the consistency Continue reading

E.L.F Haul – featuring their new brush range

E.L.F Haul

It had been awhile since an E.L.F package turned up on my doorstep, so it was time for a haul. I has spotted that they had a few new brushes and it was also my besties b-day (she happens to also be an E.L.F fan) so it was just meant to be.

E.L.F brushes

The brushes above are both new designs. The contouring brush is designed simply just for that. I love that there is finally a brush in this style from an affordable brand. On first impressions the bristles are soft and dense – exactly what I would expect from a contouring brush. Continue reading

Thailand Makeup Haul

IMG_0793 I am back for 2015, firstly with a Thailand makeup haul. As many of you know I spent the first three weeks of the year exploring three different cities in Thailand – and of course I did some shopping! Thailand is lucky to host some amazingly huge malls as well as a lot of makeup filled pharmacies and Sephora! I managed to get a few good products and quite a few things off my makeup wish list while I was there. It was so interesting looking at the different brands and products which haven’t made it to NZ shores yet. I also discovered my new favourite makeup shop… can anyone guess what it is?! Continue reading

Big Bucket Sale December Haul – MAC, Urban Decay and some essentials

mac images

The Big Bucket sale this December was quite a surprise. I’ll be honest, I went along to the North Shore sale twice this month as they seem to have been opening and running the sale on and off all month. I went late November to the clearance sale and was really disappointed. There just wasn’t the usual range of products, what was there had all previously been opened and everything was just icky. I ended up leaving with two books and a pack of baby wipes. However, as always Big Bucket some how enticed me back, and I am glad they did because I ended up leaving with possibly some of my best Big Bucket finds ever.

A few of the usuals….

I always pick up a few of my bare essential products. Continue reading

MAC Haul – & YouShop

mac haul

I just couldn’t finish off 2014 without one last MAC haul. Conveniently I decided to get my mum a few MAC goodies for Christmas, and therefore got myself a few items I had been wanting for awhile too. I purchased this haul all from which is the official MAC website and shipped it to NZ using YouShop. In the past I have used Nordstrom to buy MAC online (see my past hauls here!), but this time round the prices on both sites were exactly the same and Nordstrom was out of one of the shades I needed. Using the official site was easy and there were no issues using my YouShop postal address.

โ™ฅ I got….

1 x Sized-to-go Strobe Cream $10

2 x Pro Longwear Foundation NW15 $32 each

1 x Lipstick in Violetta $16

1 x Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation $27

1 x Sized-to-go False Lashes Mascara $10

1 x Sized-to-go Oil Control Lotion $10

All prices in USD

photo 2-7

The sized-to-go range is the best way to try out new MAC products and Continue reading

L’Oreal Haul – Lipsticks, Foundation and the new Skin Perfection range

Something I have discovered this weekend is that it is not a good idea to go out browsing a few shelves at Famers if you:

A) have just watched a Shaaanxo video and have fallen in love with the products used

B) Know that the bank account is looking low but are kind of in a bit of a YOLO mood

C) Can’t actually wear much makeup at the moment anyways and have a desperate want to compensate the sadness from this by purchasing more makeup.

You guessed it, I was all of the above! A little wander through St Lukes Shopping Mall turned into a four product L’Oreal haul. Although do I regret any of it?! Hell no! I seriously cannot wait to get all these products up on my face. Continue reading & + YouShop = another happy haul

drug store + haul and are seriously some of the easiest places online in the world to buy makeup and beauty products at really affordable prices. I do semi-regular hauls from to stock up on bits and bobs that I use all the time (shampoo for Yee, EOS lip balms), and now and then I’ll add in something a bit more exciting from The cool thing about these two sites is that they both stock different products – drug store items and then more high end, but you can purchase from both into one cart, one transaction and one package.

I recently took advantage of the dual site system in a mini haul. I was dieing, literally dieing without any EOS lip balm in my life Continue reading

I-herb Haul featuring e.l.f, vitamins and snacks.

photo (3) Today I thought I would share with you all my I-herb haul which arrived around two weeks ago now. I was needing a few specific items this time round and also grabbed a couple of new products to try out too. For those of you who are unfamiliar with, its a fantastic American website which sells a huge range of health and beauty products, I have written about it in the past here and here. It is one of my favourite online shops because Continue reading