I took my gel polish off at home and it was a disaster

gel polish

This afternoon I decided to take off my gel polish at home and it was a total disaster. Probably my biggest beauty blunder moment in a long, long time. I was so prepared, I had all the bits and bobs and my confidence was at the level of ‘I’ve watched nail ladies do this to my nails over a hundred times so I know exactly what I’m doing’. But it turns out taking off my gel polish is not something that I should be doing at home. And something I don’t think I’ll ever be doing again. Continue reading

No Buy July

Online shopping

This month I found myself unintentionally involved in No Buy July. A time of the year where people use a cute rhyme to try and stop spending so much money or ban themselves from buying particular items. I’ve never really thought to get involved in one of these month goal things because I believe if you want to do something or change something then there’s no better time than now. Also, imagine having to wait to start a goal until a month came around which you could rhyme with! But, at the start of the month without realising it, I declared to myself and a few friends that I wasn’t buying any makeup this month – and accidental No Buy July begun.  Continue reading

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Kracie Popin Cooking Doughnuts

Through the wonders of the internet I recently discovered Kracie Popin Cooking, a Japanese trend where you buy little sets and make/bake mini foods which are edible. Even though it looked totally crazy I decided I HAD to try it, and I’m glad I did. The baking requires a lot of patience and a bit of bravery when it comes to tasting, but I may have just found my newest hobby. Continue reading

How to plan your next holiday


Planning holidays is so exciting and at the moment I’m getting ready for a big trip to Vietnam. Since a lot of you followed my travels around Thailand I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to plan your next holiday on your own – it’s honestly not that hard! As well as being fun you can save so much money doing your own research and bookings and you are much more likely to end up seeing and doing things that really suit you. To start all you need to do is pick the place and have an idea of dates. Continue reading

Instagram Round up July


My Instagram has been full of colour this month so I decided it was time for a round up!

♥ Last weekend I went out to Silo Park with some friends and we ended up at Thai Street for dinner. The food here is so yum and also reasonably priced, the only thing I dislike is these random metal cups they give you for water. In the snap is one of my best friends, Jason!

♥ On the blog was my collection of products I buy over and over again – including E.L.F, Lioele and lots more, check out my holy grails here!

♥ A regram from Soap and Glory was showing what I would rather be doing – pink cocktails and candy, yes please!

♥ These bright lip looks from MAC Cosmetics and the stunning dark purple lip from Gerard Cosmetics had me all lip inspired. I ended up trying out a dark red shade (Buda-pash by Australis) which I had always thought wouldn’t suit me and I ended up loving it! Continue reading

How to stop spending so much money on makeup

expensive beauty

So you’re broke and you have about 20 foundations that have never even been touched – it’s time to stop spending so much money on makeup. When makeup is your thing, your hobby and it is something you surround yourself in (Facebook groups, following Instagram accounts, reading blogs, watching hauls on YouTube) it can be tough at first to kick the habit of spending too much, but there are some super simple little things you can do which will make a huge difference to your bank account. And it is totally do-able without any tears and tantrums.

Continue reading

Last Friday night – Easter Weeekend


So what did I get up to last Friday night, and more importantly what do I do over the long Easter weekend? The long weekend was nice and relaxed for me and also marked the start of my two week break from work, woo hoo! My highlights of the four days include a new hair colour, relaxing, shopping, a blueberry latte and my baby pomeranian’s first birthday party. Continue reading

5 new beauty and life routines I’m following

5 new beauty

So I know it isn’t quite the new year, being March and all, but I feel like things are only just really settling down now and with that has come some new beauty and life routines. I am pretty impressed with myself that for the most part I have kept up with these new routines without too much suffering through internal motivational talks – you know what I’m talking about “come on, your skin will love you for it” “it’s just a few minutes and then you can watch the Kardashians”. It’s way easier now that my new routines are actually paying off – seeing results is the best motivation!

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