Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriends

christmas gift guide I’ll be straight up with you, if you are starting your Christmas shopping now you are cutting it close, however no fear because I am here to help you with some great gift ideas for your girlfriends. By girlfriends I mean girls who are your friends, like your buddies, your besties, familiars, the ying to your yang or that friend who always knows when it’s time to swap your vodka for water and not tell you. But this guide is probably useful if you are trying to buy your female significant other a gift too, so read on person who has friends that are girls!

Firstly anyone who says that girls are hard to buy for is just being lazy, one word: Pretty things! Generally girls like things that are pretty, smell pretty or make them prettier. I still believe that one of the best gifts is either getting someone something which they use all the time (a gift that you know will go to good use), or giving an item which you know the person would love but one of those things they wouldn’t be able to justify buying for themselves.

12 Days of Christmas gift LUSH

♥ Lush Christmas products

Lush products are always such a lovely gift as they smell amazing and you know the products will get used. They are also good for the environment and cruelty free so it’s double positive karma. I have fallen deeply in love with their Christmas range which includes face cleansers, soaps, bath bombs and more. I have the super cute Reindeer Rock soap currently in my shower and it not only makes me smell sweet but also leaves the nicest scent where ever I leave it. I highly recommend the Father Christmas bath bomb as well as the Sparkler Ballistic. Find Lush in store or online here.


♥ Benefit Christmas packs

If your friend is a makeup fan then you have arrived at the right destination. These Benefit Cosmetics limited edition packs are perfect for makeup lovers as they include a range of Benefits best selling products at really good value. Whether your buddy is already a huge Benefit fan or they like to try out new products one of these packs is sure to me a hit. One thing I really like about Benefit and these packs is that their sample sizes are almost always ‘deluxe’ size so you actually get pretty decent use out of it. Find Benefit in store at Smith & Caugheys, Auckland Airport or online here.

candles ♥ Delicious Candles

If your gift receiver is a candle fan then they will certainly love these. An ECOYA candle says luxury and sophistication, while Candle Crush is sweet, yum and super cute. ECOYA in store at Farmers, Candle Crush online here.


Chi Chi Nudes, Smashbox Full Exposure Palette, Naked Basics

♥ A neutral eye palette

A girl can never, ever have too many neutrals. A palette which has a mixture of shimmers and mattes is always a good idea too so that it can be used for lots of different occasions. I am also a huge fan of these travel sized palettes that are around at the moment, especially with it being the holiday season and all. Chi Chi in store at Farmers, Smashbox in store or online and Naked Basics online.

♥ DIY gifts

I love DIY gifts because there is always so much thought and preparation put into them. If you are good at arts and crafts, in the kitchen or at hammering something together now is your chance to show your talents. I recently made up a scrub for myself of coffee and coconut oil which is amazing and would make a great gift done up in a pretty jar. Check out Shop Style Conquer‘s video above which shows you how to make your own bath bombs in cute shapes. If you want to make something but are completely out of ideas then hit up Pinterest- there are millions of DIY gift ideas there, I even have my own pin board of them which you can look at here!

jewelry ♥ Jewelry

Like many other girls, I am attracted to shiny things and so jewelry is always high on my list. It can be hard to know what something likes as everyone has difference tastes when it comes to jewelry, so pay attention to what your friend looks at while window shopping or check her internet history if you can (a bit creepy but it could give you some major hints!) If someone were to stalk my internet browsing history they would see many hits on Karen Walkers site, I am obsessed with her cute and modern pieces. Meadowlark and Stolen Girlfriends Club also have some amazing pieces.

I’d love to know what you think of my gift guide and what you are/have purchased for your bestie?