New arrivals on my makeup desk – colourpop and whitening lightening


I’ve had a few new things arrive recently and I wanted to share them with you, I’ve jumped into the Colourpop trend and decided to try something new to whiten my teeth.

My gorgeous friend Candy and I decided to go halves on a Colourpop order. I have been seeing this brand everywhere! And although I don’t want to be all same old, I had to try it for myself.

I grabbed a lippie stix, a lippie pencil, two eye shadows and a blush. So controlled right? I just wanted to order a few things that would give me a feel for the products and the brand (plus I am trying to not go overboard on the spending as holiday plans are unfolding!).

colourpop lip pencil

Above are the two lip products I bought. On the left is the lipstick in the shade ‘Brills’ and on the right, the lip pencil ‘pepper’. I really like the consistency of both products, they are smooth and creamy feeling. The pencil has really decent staying power and works nicely under my MAC Saint Germain to darken it up a little. ‘Brills’ is a little similar to MAC Up the Amp, however more pink toned. The only thing I hate about these is that the lip pencil lid is terrible! I feel like it is my duty to warn everyone, maybe I just got a bad one though? There is nothing to kind of click the lid onto or anything so it just flops off. This sucks because it means i’ll never be able to have it in my handbag etc. Lame.

colourpop swatches

Above are the two eye shadows and then the blush is on the far right. The bronzey shade is ‘La La’, it’s a really nice shimmery bronze shade and one of those kind of essential colours. ‘Pop Rocks is the blue shade that has the touch of purple along with the glitter. I just loved the way this shadow looked and also its name is so cool. Did I just buy a product because of its name? Yes.

The blush is probably my favourite thing out of my haul. Although the colour ‘olive’ is nothing new and looks exactly like most of my other blushers (but also why is a pink blush called olive?), the texture of the blush is dreamy. It is so buttery and smooth and just delicious. I will be buying more blushers from Colourpop and have promised myself to try out a different blush shade for once too.

whitening lightening

My Whitening Lightening Super Booster Whitening Pens arrived this week too. I had been thinking about trying these for a while after seeing Shaaanxo rave about them and seeing some good reviews online, but I was worried about tooth sensitivity. I have used the Crest Whitening Strips in the past and they did do their job and whiten my teeth. However, they left my teeth quite patchy in places and I would get the worst tooth aches the next day after using them, so I knew they were causing major sensitivity.

I picked this double pack up during a sale and chose to get two because it was just better value for money. I’ve used it once so far and woke up to already whiter teeth the next day which I think is amazing! All day I was waiting for the pain to start, and there was nothing! So I am really crossing my fingers to hope that this stays this way even after multiple uses. I am going to follow the instructions and use it each night for 7-14 days to see results. I am putting it on before bed and leaving it overnight, which could be risky, especially because I think I forgot to brush my teeth this morning and brush it off. But still no pain! 

Final words are that I am really happy with these purchases. Be weary about the Colourpop lip pencil lids and get a friend to go halves with you in an order so you can split shipping, it is expensive! So far I am A++ impressed with my Whitening Lightening Pen, but I will update you all on my progress soon.

makeup desk

P.S here is my makeup desk right now, it is messy and I hate it so this is my motivation to go and clean it right now =)