Contouring, highlighting and concealing all in one- New from NYX, the Wonder Stick

NYX wonder stick “The art of highlighting and contouring made easy with the ultimate 2-in1 blending tool”

This week NYX have released a very handy 2-in-1 tool to assist with all your face sculpting needs. I don’t know about all of you, but finding the perfect sculpting tool is never ending for me. It’s like that search for the perfect foundation shade, or that favourite pair of winter boots. Although I do my daily look contouring with powder for a more natural look – I am super interested in getting more into creme contouring for heavier night time/going out looks. I have tried it a couple of times already and love the results, but have found that it requires time, patience and also a bit of trust in yourself and your skills that those light and dark streaks will turn you into something other than a zebra.

The NYX Wonder Stick comes in four different shades with a darker tone on one end of the pencil and a lighter tone on the other. It’s pretty easy to select what shade you should use and one of them is even named as a universal shade – being one that could suit most skin tones. Once you have your product in place (darker in the areas you want to shadow and light in the places you want to be more pronounced) the key is to blend, blend and then blend a bit more – that’s where the patience and trust comes in. But, the results are sooo worth it! I can’t guarantee that you’ll end up looking like one of those ‘wow make up transformation, look at the magic of make up’ pictures you see on Facebook, however it can definitely make a difference.

I would love to know your thoughts on when to/when not to contour – is it a part of your daily make up routine? Do you do it now and then? Or is it just for nights out on the town?

Freaking out about what to do once you get your NYX Wonder Pencil? Check out this handy guide from one of my fellow beauty bloggers!

♥ Where To Buy?  – YouShop or similar postal forwarding service required. $12 USD – Ships to NZ