Do those peel off lip tint things actually work?

lip tint

Do those peel off lip tint things actually work? I asked myself as I grabbed one off the shelf at Sephora and started inspecting the packaging. I had seen the videos online where a girl covers her lips in a thick looking lip gloss, waits a moment, and then joyfully peels it off to reveal a pretty coloured long lasting lip tint underneath. Cool right? But it seemed a bit too good to be true, so I purchased one and did the investigating for you.ย 

The product I bought is the ‘My Lip Tint Pack’ by Berrlsom in the shade Bubble Pink. The lip tint is made in Korea and everything else on the box and tube is in Korean. As I mentioned I bought it from Sephora while I was in Bangkok, I can’t remember the exact price but it was cheap.

Because I’d seen lots of the videos online I knew what to do, put it on, wait, take it off… however in reality it’s not that simple.

On first impression the lip tint is a little off putting. It’s a very thick, sticky texture like a very thick lip gloss and it smells like that white PVA glue you use to use at school. The colour is a deep raspberry pink. You need to squeeze the tube quite firmly to get the product out and try and evenly smooth it onto your lips with the applicator. This takes time! Because it’s thick and sticky and I want a crisp lip line, it really takes some time.


So it’s on my lips, I’ve gotten a bit more used to the smell and I can feel it’s starting to dry a bit. I can see that the places where I have more product are going to take longer to dry, like when you have a random thicker bit of face mask on your face. I’m chilling out and just feeling it dry, while I’m chilling out I decide to sit in front of a fan to make it dry faster but then I also close my mouth and the lip tint actually secures my lips shut. No joke. So, not recommended if you have a blocked nose, this stuff is strong!

After five minutes I decide to peel it off and it comes off quickly and easily. The inner corners of my lips are a nice raspberry shade and the rest of my lips are tinted just a tiny bit pink. The parts that are the darker pink shade peeled off a little later, I think it really was just left over product. The tint lasts most of the day which is super good, but really it’s not much different to my normal lip colour.

This product is so fun to peel off, so for fun/novelty factor it is waaay up there, but I really wanted more of an actual colour tint. This beauty reporter tested it out for and had awesome results with the red shade, so it’s worth a second go. I’m thinking maybe you need to leave it on for longer, however it was all dry and set when I took mine off. Maybe my lips aren’t very tint-able? For me the My Lip Tint Pack was a little disappointing, I’m keen to try another brand and/or shade though!

Have you tried the peel off lip tint trend? I’d be really interested to know whether it worked out for you.