E.L.F arrives in NZ Kmart Stores – yes there must be a beauty god!

e.l.f logo

So I was lucky enough to receive some inside information this week that firstly, e.l.f was confirmed to be arriving in NZ Kmart stores, and secondly that it would be on shelves in my local Kmart (Westfield, Albany, Auckland) by Friday night, Saturday morning at the latest. Imagine my surprise when taking a casual late night wonder through Kmart’s beauty section and almost practically walking into their new e.l.f stall!!!! Although it is not a huge stall or as wide of a selection as I was hoping for, there are some fantastic classic e.l.f products

in stock and I am really impressed with the price range. Products are priced from $5 – $14 NZD. Below are actual pictures I took this evening of the stall and you can see there are still boxes of products to be unpacked!

There’s a range of classic and studio brushes, tinted moisturiser, false lashes and eye shadow quads, gel liners, liquid liners, powder and stick blushes, four different primers, the eyebrow kit in medium, face powder including the HD powder for face and under eye, bronzers, mascaras, eyelid primers, matte lip sticks, lip gloss, daily brush cleaning spray and brush shampoo and make up mist and set spray.

e.l.f kmart stall

e.l.f kmart stall 2I grabbed just a couple of things as my big e.l.f haul from their 50% off sale arrived at the YouShop warehouse today (yay!). I bought the Make up mist and set, mineral infused face primer in tone adjusting green and the under eye concealer and highlighter.

e.l.f products