E.L.F Haul – featuring their new brush range

E.L.F Haul

It had been awhile since an E.L.F package turned up on my doorstep, so it was time for a haul. I has spotted that they had a few new brushes and it was also my besties b-day (she happens to also be an E.L.F fan) so it was just meant to be.

E.L.F brushes

The brushes above are both new designs. The contouring brush is designed simply just for that. I love that there is finally a brush in this style from an affordable brand. On first impressions the bristles are soft and dense – exactly what I would expect from a contouring brush. The ultimate blending brush is a very similar style to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Again, the brush is soft yet dense and seems good quality.
E.L.F lip swatches

You may have heard me rave on about my favourite matte lip colour ‘Tea Rose’ (it’s the perfect Kylie Jenner shade!), although it is the shade that I love, the formula is pretty great too. I want to wear more red this autumn and winter so I decided to start off with a bright red shade called ‘Wine’. As with all the Matte Lip Colours the formula is creamy and not drying at all. I just wish that the colour was a bit more long lasting.

Nude Pink is a really versatile shade for lip lining and I can already tell that I will end up using this heaps! It is almost a perfect match for the Australis Velvour matte lip cream in ‘Par-ee’. I already own one of these liners in ‘Fuchsia’ and it is the longest lasting lip product colour wise that I have every tried. It’s claim to fame was when I put it on at 4pm to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert (don’t ask…)  and it lasted until 5pm the next day – NO JOKE! This is serious stuff. I’m interested to see how this shade lasts not being as strong or bold as the bright pink.

The brush shampoo and the makeup remover pen were just curiosity purchases – you know when your just wanting to know how something works or if it’s any good so you buy it. I’ll let you know how they go!

I purchased these products on the official e.l.f website eyeslipsface.com and used YouShop to get them over here. I got a total of 10 products costing $37.50 USD (this included gaining free shipping to the YouShop website and also a $4.50 discount because of a online promotion). Unfortunately YouShop charged me $36 NZD to get the package over here =(