EOS is SOS for your lips

eos lip balmI recently popped into Martha’s Backyard for a spot of American grocery shopping (isn’t that store just a little gem?!), when I spotted some EOS lip balms behind the counter. I’ve heard a lot about these brightly coloured, egg shaped lip life savers, so I decided to give one a go. I heard the word ‘strawberry sorbet’ and I was handing over my cash in an instant for that little pink ball and a few other goodies*.


I am shocked that I haven’t laid my lips in this balm before, as it is amazing! The round design is something very different, at first I was like “uhmm why, this is strange, it is a ball of balm” and now my feelings are more “mmmmm round shape means that ball of balm gets all over the lips quickly and easily and looks super cool at the same time”. The actual product is a super moisturising, thick, clear balm which has dramatically improved the condition of my lips. And it just smells so good, like walking into an Italian sorbet shop full of fruity flavours and happiness *applies EOS lip balm with giant smile on face*

Please, as a duty to your well being, take a trip either physically or online (yup, they have an online store) to Martha’s Backyard and get yourself one of these at your absolute soonest convenience. Your lips will thank you (and me) for it. xx




Those ‘other goodies’ mentioned above are also delicious essentials which are rare to find in any other NZ stores. I highly recommend grabbing a bag of almond M&M’s (large or you’ll regret it), a pack of Recce’s Pieces, a litre bottle of Ariziona Iced Tea and a can of Sprite with cranberry. And then you can have a food party with your new friend the EOS Lip Balm =)