My favourite beauty Instagram accounts you need to be following

Instagram is one of my main sources of daily beauty inspiration. I love scrolling through my news feed and seeing amazing new makeup looks, products and outfit ideas. Below are some of my favourite beauty Instagram accounts which you need to be following!

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♥ Jeffreestar is someone who I have been following for a long time. He is an amazing makeup artist and now has his own cosmetics line (find out about it here!) which I am dieing to try out!

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♥ trendmood1 is the best ‘gram for hearing about new product releases and information over a wide range of brands. They do fab swatches of new products and sometimes have exclusive information on big product releases.

insta samantha

♥ ssssamanthaa (left) is such a stunner and does the most amazing makeup looks. I have a huge crush on her personal style as well as her perfect hair. Makeup Obsessives did a great interview with her if you’d like to see what she’s all about – Read it here!

♥ Xtianaland (right) is another super talented young lady who isn’t afraid to do something a little bit out of the box. I really like her Halloween looks especially, and how she can completely rock absolutely any colour of lipstick.

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♥ Victorianunnsbeauty is one of my favourite New Zealand YouTubers. She posts lots of funny and inspiration quotes as well as regular shots of her latest makeup looks. Her followers are growing by the minute, and I’ll be honest, I’ve done a bit of  Twitter stalk and she also seems super, super nice!

loxy and lush

♥ Loxysnz (left) gives me massive hair envy on the daily. I love seeing their incredible hair transformations, their Instagram has made me decide that I will, at some point get hair extensions so I can be like Rapunzel!

♥ lush_ausnz (right) is how I stay updated with new Lush products and ideas. I also really like being able to see snapshots of behind the scenes at Lush.

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♥ Slave2Beauty shares the most pretty and beautiful beauty photos everyday. From nail art to MAC lipsticks, amazing makeup set ups and fashion snaps.

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♥ joycebonelli if you keep up with the Kardashians then you probably already know their makeup artist and personal friend. I love seeing her makeup work on the rich and famous along with snaps of her and friends and family with a punch of humour.

What are you favourite Instagram accounts to follow? If you don’t already, check out the blog’s Instagram at @lauralovesbeautyblog x

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