Feather touch brow tattooing

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing

Feather Touch Brow Tattooing is a big beauty trend right now. Like many other people I dreamt of having perfect eyebrows with minimal fiddling around every morning. I had been interested in brow tattooing for awhile but images of badly done and very fake looking eye brows freaked me out. This is what lead me to Feather Touch. It’s brow tattooing which is done not as a bold filled in block, but as small strokes to mimic individual hairs. The results can be varied depending on the individual, whether you are just wanting fuller brows or need a total brow reconstruction. After four sessions my brows are complete and looking more on point than ever! I’ve had a lot of interest and questions about the feather touch tattooing process, so today I am going to answer some commonly asked questions and let you know about my experience. 

♥ The most commonly asked question I’ve had is “does it hurt?”

The short answer is yes, a bit. However, it’s really important to keep in mind that everyone is different in regards to pain and sensitivity. I don’t think I have a high tolerance to pain and also numbing creams just don’t seem to work well on me. The sensation is a kind of a scratching feeling, like someone scratching sun burn. It isn’t nice but it’s also not that bad. And it’s over pretty quick. Your eyebrow technician should be applying numbing cream to your brows beforehand with enough time to let it start working its magic to ease the pain. Before one of my sessions I took two panadol to see if it would make a difference, but I don’t think it did. After my first two sessions I was a bit sore for a day or so, but it was nothing serious. Just more of a kind of hot feeling and also a bit of tightness if I lifted my brows excessively.

♥ What kind of aftercare is involved?

Looking after your freshly tattooed brows is actually pretty simple. For the five days following your treatment you need to apply an antiseptic moisturising cream to your brows regularly (I used bepanthen). I was recommended to apply the cream 5 times a day and sometimes I applied it even more. Before bed I would really layer it on so that my brows were protected all night. You need to keep the area clear of any active skincare, not use any brow products (you won’t need them anyways because when they’re freshly done they look amaze) and also stay out of the sun. So you basically just leave them alone part from applying your cream. Feather Touch Brow Tattoo Lash Noir

This shot above are my brows before and then after my first session. You can see that they were already fuller and had better shape straight away! Photo by Lash Noir

♥ Does it turn into a scab?

I’ve heard that sometimes people get little scabs over where the strokes have been done, but that never happened to me. If it does happen though it’s really important to not pick at them. I would say that as long as you are using your cream frequently you won’t need to worry.

♥ Does getting your brows tattooed mean you don’t have to maintain them at all anymore?

Sadly, no. Obviously tattooing doesn’t stop hairs growing so you still will need to shape them and I still have my brows tinted semi regularly. It really depends on the person, but for me because I have naturally quite fair hairs in my brows I still need to get them tinted. However, I have found that I can get away with tinting them less often since I’ve had my feather touch. For me, the tattooing has added fullness and also evened my brows out (one was shorter than the other). It has added some colour of course, but to have the full effect I need to keep them maintained.

brows after Feather Touch

My finished brows after three treatments. This photo was taken three days after my final tattooing, so I was still in the ‘aftercare’ time period.

♥ Where did you get yours done?

I got my brows done at Lash Noir at City Works Depo, Auckland CBD. It’s a super cute salon with professional, friendly and informative staff. They are brow experts and pretty far ahead in brow and lash technology than any other brow place I’ve visited or heard of. I had been going there to get my brows shaped and tinted and lashes tinted and permed for a few months before deciding to get my feather touch done there too. It is my go to for anything brow or lash related. They also do laser hair removal and have some other really exciting services coming soon. You can check out their amazing work on Instagram at @lashnoir

Do you have any other questions about my brow experience? Feel free to ask below!


Top image from: http://firstimpressionsbeauty.com.au