Frank Scrub VS. Selfie Scrub – which coffee scrub is better for you?

frank vs selfie Coffee scrubs are the talk of the town, and if someone said to me “tell me the two most popular coffee scrubs out there, right now and you will win $100 dollars” I would tell them Frank and Selfie scrub and I would totes be $100 bucks richer. But here comes the hard part… what one do you buy? I am coffee scrub crazy and have bought both over the last few months, and therefore here for you today I have an almost mathematical comparison to help you decide. Seriously this table below is about as math related as I get. Let the prices, shipping details and ingredients help you decide before checking out my personal preference below.ย  coffee scrub compare


To be honest there is really nothing to fault in either scrub, both are great wholesome coffee scrubs which smell great and get rid of dead skin like nobodys business. I could really go back and forth about which I would more strongly recommend.

Price wise – if you were wanting to buy 200 grams and ship to NZ then Selfie Scrub is more affordable. Packaging – Frank is super cute in it’s brown bag with witty labelling, but then Selfie comes divided in three mini packs which are more manageable in the shower, both forms of packaging are resealable.


Texture wise I like Frank much more, it is rougher and more coarse which is perfect for my skin, however it is a little drier meaning more care is needed to avoid wastage. If you have more sensitive skin and less time then Selfie will probably be the one for you. Both leave a freshly moisturised feeling that isn’t at all yuk or too greasy.

If smell is important to you then this may be the breaking point – do you want to exit the shower with a trail of coffee scent filling the entire room and have a hint of coffee and orange on you for the next hour or so, or are you into something a little more subtle?

In my personal opinion the biggest factor in choosing is which will suit your skin the best, in whether you are needing a really good rough scrub with Frank, or are needing the dead skin scrubbed away but with a little more gentle care with Selfie Scrub.

selfie scrubs + tea

It’s a win win if you ask me, a caffeine hit and smooth, sexy skin no matter if you’re in the shower with Frank or busy taking Selfies.