Friday night beauty finds – collagen lip mask

free-shipping-Moisturizing-supple-pure-font-b-smile-b-font-jelly-font-b-lip-b-fontOn a quick trip to our local mall, my friend and I wandered into Japan Mart to check out the local wares before a bit of a girls night in. We were very curious when we spotted these lip mask looking things on the shelf. I had some sort of memory of seeing them online before, a lip mask for intense hydration and healing. Although we weren’t 100% sure what to do (why didn’t I learn a second language at school?!?), we decided to give it a shot!

With $7.30 less in each of our pockets and lip masks in the scents/flavours of ‘fruity’ and ‘honey’ we were off. The package rips open to a medium sized lip shaped paper mask (a bit like the ones you can buy and stretch/place over your face), the skin coloured stretchy mask was at first, rather a little scary looking. Also, I have to admit that we could not contain our laughter at how ridiculous we both looked. It was really difficult to keep the mask on and in place, especially with all the giggling that was going on. After taking it off I didn’t notice much of a difference, except an odd taste in my mouth, but about half an hour later I did notice my lips felt slightly smoother and softer.

Turns out after a bit of research that these lip masks are more common than I thought and there are a few different types and designs. I would have much preferred to try the design which covers the lips but then has a hole in the middle, where as ours covered the whole mouth area. Also with the mask going over the whole lip area it was impossible not to taste the product on the mask, and it was really not nice at all.

Giving random new beauty procedures and products a try is super fun, and you never know, you may just discover your new favourite thing or the latest trend. Although I’m not sure if lip masks will catch on in NZ, the giggles and soft lips were worth it.

To have a look at the lip masks check out: – lip masks – deep moisturising lip masks

or pop in to your local Japan Mart.