The rise of the Blur Creams + Garnier Perfect Blur Review

Garnier Perfect Blur cream Garnier Perfect Blur has arisen out of the huge new range of primers, blur creams and pore refiners which have been popping up all over the show lately. Is Garnier one of my preferred brands? No, but something about this product enticed me and I didn’t know why, so I purchased it to find out and it has all been a very happy discovery!

♥ So what is this Blur cream thing? Are we talking hiding in the back of a car on Police 10/7 style Blur?!?

A blur cream is designed to ‘blur’ imperfections by smoothing the face and filling in things like enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it sound like a product more suited for aged skin, however it’s not, as it also helps with imperfections such as acne and shine. This Garnier Perfect Blur cream in particular uses light reflectors “by diffusing light in all directions, the visible signs of aging are reduced for younger looking skin in just five seconds” – okay so there’s that aging word again, but seriously it works on younger skin too, I swear! Most Blur Creams are put on as your priming product, after moisturising and before makeup. You can of course use it without any makeup as well.

♥ First impression

As I said before I kind of brought this product for no real good reason, however I am now so glad that I did. The product is a thick but light cream which is super smooth and spreads easily along your face. It feels super moisturising and good on my face without feeling heavy or having any kind of oily feeling. The texture of the cream is quite similar to L’Oreal’s BaseMagique Smoothing primer, however Perfect Blur doesn’t gather up on your face like BaseMagique does. I let the cream sit for a minute before beginning to apply my usual makeup products – I haven’t timed the product or stared at my face in the mirror while timing to test this whole unnecessary ‘5 seconds’ business, it is ready to go on your face super fast and that’s all that really matters to me.

♥ Results

I am so impressed with this cream that I have been using it every single day under my makeup since the moment I brought it. Although I am not so concerned about things like wrinkles or enlarged pores at the moment – it still really works for me. It makes my skin feel good, look nice and smooth, helps my makeup stay on way longer and controls shine all throughout the day. In fact, it controls my shine better than POREfessionals. It goes well under my work day mineral powder foundation, my Lioele BB Cream and all my more heavier coverage foundations such as MAC Pro Longwear and ChiChi’s Fabulous and Flawless. On top of all of this it is affordable and easy to find here in NZ. My only negative about it would be that they are marketing this to people wanting ‘younger looking skin’ where I think it works for many other skin concerns as well as just being a great simple drugstore primer.

– Garnier Perfect Blur Smoothing Base Perfector, 22ml, priced from $13.11 on sale (The Warehouse) and $17.49 RRP – local supermarkets & Farmers.