Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting spray review


Gerard Cosmetics is a super popular online cosmetics brand which I had heard a lot about but had never tried, however the moment I saw the Slay All Day Setting Spray I hit buy now. I had thought about trying the brand for awhile and I just couldn’t resist the name ‘Slay’. The Slay makeup setting spray is said to mattify and pro-long the wear of your makeup, helping you stay shine free and slaying for longer. The Urban Decay setting sprays are usually my go to and they do a damn good job at making my makeup stay on my face until I decide I want it off. I took a break from that to see how this one would go.

The Slay All Day Setting Spray is $22 and comes in a range of five different colours/scents. There’s also some bonus packs where you can get two for $38 or a summer survival kit including one spray, a lipstick and a lipgloss for $66 which is a cool way to try out the brand. When I purchased my spray I also purchased one of the hydra matte liquid lipsticks (which P.S. I am really loving and would totally recommend). I went for the Green Tea setting spray because I thought it would be nice and calming. Click here to check out the range.

Shipping was free and pretty quick considering it’s international (you can only purchase Gerard Cosmetics online). Everything arrived packaged carefully and safely. Although I was quite mad at the courier who left me a card to call because he didn’t want to open the gate…..

Another bonus with Gerard Cosmetics is that they always put out really decent discount codes. I used one for my purchase which meant that I got one Slay Spray and one liquid lipstick for $27.30 (including free shipping and a discount of $14.70)

The spray is a decent size and a solid bottle which I really like and the liquid comes out in a fine mist without any issue. The Green Tea scent is subtle and not really what I would describe as green tea but still nice.


I’ve now worn the spray over medium to full makeup looks for a couple of days and have noticed the same results each time. The setting spray noticeably helps my makeup last longer on my face and stops it transferring on to anything. By the end of the day I can look in the mirror and everything is in place and looks good, however it doesn’t do much to help the shine. I am the kind of person who gets that afternoon T-zone shine and I was really hoping that the Slay spray would help with this. I’ve used a Garnier BB cream with the Slay spray and seen no improvement, however wearing the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation I had noticeably less shine but I think this was due to the foundation rather than the spray.

The bottle states that you can use the spray before or or after your makeup. I am used to spraying as a final makeup step, so am yet to try applying it to a bare face. It does make sense though that applied directly on the skin it could work as a better barrier to oil, but it’s hard to break makeup habits!

The Slay All Day Setting Spray is definitely a good product if you consider the cost and size of product along with the fact that it noticeably keeps your makeup lasting longer. But if you are looking specifically for something that will stop the shine then this might not be the product for you. I am going to try using it on my skin before applying makeup to see if this changes the effects at all, for now though I’ll rely on my Urban Decay spray and powders for oil control.