Get Ready With Me – Ball Edition

ball night A few weeks ago I attended a ball event which was put on by the bae’s place of work (yup, I just used the word bae – I’m trying it out, just bare with me). Getting ready for a ball which is in no way school related is actually quite a bit different then your high school memories – firstly you are older (uncool), but you kind of have more direction in your life (maybe) and you don’t need to worry at all about sneaking in drinks (they were free flowing). One thing that I was a little nostalgic for however was my girl crew, remember how EVERYONE and ALL YOUR FRIENDS were at your school ball?!? Luckily enough I made some buddies and the boyf (never using the word bae again) was a perfect date.

Get Ready With Me!

In the weeks leading up to the ball I did all that prep stuff, I tried to drink more water than usual, kept up with my skin care routine, exfoliated and moisturised when I remembered and booked in all my appointments. This included my beauty therapist, nail technician, hair dresser and hair stylist and make up artist. I also purchased my dress which was a more difficult mission then I though it would be. Buying a ball dress in ball dress season is tough! All the goodies in my size were already gone and each dress just started to look the same as the previous 20. I ended up buying my dress at a one off weekend ball dress sale in Albany. I totally recommend looking for these types of sales and also making sure you take a bestie or your mum along with you when you go – a second pair of eyes is a godsend (thanks mum!)

Excuse the regrowth! This photo was taken about a week and a half after the ball
Excuse the regrowth! This photo was taken about a week and a half after the ball

The week of the ball was the time for me to have all my appointments. I got my hair coloured the weekend before (I have it dyed regularly already), got my eye brow game sorted, went to my favourite nail place to get a set of gel nails and got a spray tan. That week I also continued to try and keep up with that water intake and took all my vitamins. I was also pretty careful with my skin, I received a bunch of new skin care products but not a drop touched my skin. I also stuck with my usual Tuesday night Glam Glow mask and Rose Hip Oil lathering.

The night beforehand I planned for an early night of beauty rest and to down lots of water and healthy food – hardly any of this happened because I went to see GOLD MYMD, but the show was amazing so I didn’t care.

blush baby and dry and tea

I headed into town for my hair and make up appointments around midday with my hair freshly washed and loose and my face clean, bare and moisturised. I got my hair done at Dry & Tea which comes highly recommended by my two besties – it’s a beautiful place and I loved the chill vibe and delicious tea. I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted with my hair, but after I showed Kurtis a photo of the neckline of my dress he went to work and it was like he knew me already! I became a blonde Ariel! The lovely Nicola May from Blush Baby came to my hotel apartment to do my make up. It was such a nice experience to just be able to relax and have my make up done knowing next time I looked in the mirror I would have some A+ selfie game. I also got to check out a few products I haven’t tried before and it was awesome just to have a good old make up obsessed chat! Shoes on, cell phone and lippy in my matching clutch, a few photos later and I was good to go.

Overall it was a super awesome night, and I actually really enjoyed the whole getting ready part too (I am one of those creepy people who enjoys organising things and writing to-do lists). Now I’ll have to wait at least another whole year for the next one – but I know I’ve got the getting ready part down pat!

My Top Tips for Ball preparation:

  • Start looking for your dress early and make sure you go shopping in a good mood, finding the right dress can be stressful
  • Book all your appointments well in advance and don’t forget to check out sites like Grab One to find good deals for things like manicures and facials
  • Make sure you sift through your wardrobe, shoe closet and jewellery before going out and buying anything new – you never know what you have hiding back there!

Have you attended a ball this season? What are your top ball preparation tips??