Getting your Brow Game on


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2014 has been the year of brow game, like seriously just all about the brows. Personally I couldn’t be happier as I have always been a big advocate for bold brows. I really do believe that they frame the face and I also think that they can make a face look more youthful. Of course along side the brow trend of 2014 there has been an explosion of eye brow products bursting on to the makeup market, and I have tried a significantly large proportion of them. Today I’d like to share my most favourite and most often used brow products with you all along with a few tips.

♥ Tip #1 –  I get my brows shaped and tinted pretty regularly, around once a month. The tinting really helps the shape of my brows because the hairs at the end of my eyebrows are very light making my brows appear quite short. And the shaping just keeps them on point as I usually just have a few random stray hairs by the time I make it to my beauty therapist (who by the way is fabulous and super affordable, you can check her out at Tranquility Beauty here). During the first week of having them done I barely have to do anything to them which is super time saving! Usually just a quick comb and a touch of pencil if i’m wearing a full face of makeup and that’s it.

♥ Tip #2 – Make sure your brow products are the right shade for you. There can be a fine line between strong brow game and way too strong brow game – so make sure you are using the right shade for your hair colour and skin tone. You want something that is going to look natural so it can enhance your eyebrows rather than completely take over, especially for everyday makeup looks. If you are buying online it can be really hard to know what will work for you so search for swatches, ask friends and ask for help on makeup communities like MUO.

eyebrow selfies
My eyebrows over the last 4 months – don’t worry I couldn’t take this eyebrow selfie collage seriously either

I love Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products and use two different ones depending on the occasion. The Brow Wiz (in Taupe) is perfect when I just want to have a natural looking brow, but a bit more filled in in the sparser areas. I also use Brow Wizmore when my brows have recently been tinted as the colour is already there but I just want a fuller look. I use the DipBrow Pomade (in Auburn) when I am wearing a full face of makeup and my eyebrows have lost a lot of their tint – it gives me back some of the colour. I’d say that I will probably use this one a bit less now that we are getting towards summer, but I may buy it in the shade Taupe as the DipBrow as it is a bit more longer lasting that the Brow Wiz.


♥ Tip #3 – Dupe Alert! The E.L.F Studio Eye Brow kit is a pretty good dupe for the gel/wax style of the Anastasia DipBrow, and at $3.00 USD it’s definitely worth a try. I used this religiously before I started using Anastasia products and chopped and changed between the ‘ash’ and ‘light’ shades. The little brush it comes with is not great, so I’d reccomend using a different one. In store at Kmart or online at or are the best places to get one of these.

♥ Tip #4 – Have the right tools at hand. We all know that having the right tools can make the world of difference – in this case it’s combs and brushes. For a comb (or spoolie) you don’t need anything fancy, I use the E.L.F Eyelash & Brow Wand. My two favourite eyebrow brushes for applying product are the Bdellium 763 and the Angled Liner Brush by Australis. I have used the Australis one for years and it just works perfectly.

photo 3-2

♥ Tip #5 – Make sure those brows stay in place. After all your hard work caring for your brows and getting every little hair in place you need to make sure that they will stay that way. If you have used a gel or wax product then that should be enough, otherwise I like to use a clear mascara to seal mine in place. At the moment I’m using the Australis Extender Lash & Brow and I highly recommend it. It’s simple and works well!

I really hope my tips have been helpful in your brow game quest! I’d love to know what products and tricks you use to keep your brows in form!