Where has all the GlamGlow gone? An Azelaic Acid investigation.

empty glamglow These are the things that were puzzling me last week – seriously where has all the GlamGlow gone and what is Azelaic Acid? After going through the devastating moment of running out of my GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Mask I was shocked when I was told by Mecca Cosmetica that had been forced to take the product off their shelves due to the mask containing the restricted ingredient Azelaic Acid. 

Unfortunately we are no longer able to range the GlamGlow SuperMud Treatment due to the fact that it contains the ingredient Azelaic Acid and it is no longer compliant in our market.

Whilst permissible in the US and Europe, this ingredient is not in Australia/New Zealand unless prescribed or through Pharmacies due to much stricter Australian/New Zealand guidelines. We believe that this is a very safe ingredient, and it is deemed safe and available for use in the US and European markets, however, we have much stricter legislative guidelines in Australia/New Zealand and as company policy, we do always endeavour to comply with these standards.”

Firstly, I was really impressed with Mecca’s professionalism and how fast they got back to me. They also included some recommendations of products which could possibly suit me instead of GlamGlow – which was super nice of them, BUT I JUST WANTED MY GLAMGLOW!!! Mecca also let me know that they are currently waiting on GlamGlow to create the SuperMud Clearing Mask with a slightly different ingrediant make up – missing out the Azelaic Acid to be in line with New Zealand laws.

glam glow So naturally I started thinking that this evil sounding Azelaic Acid and decided to do some research – what made this stuff so bad that it couldn’t be on our shelves? Now obviously I’m no doctor, nurse or even have anything to do the medical/health profession – but after my research I really couldn’t (and still can’t) understand why the acid has been banned from public sale and to be honest it just made me want my GlamGlow even more!

” Azelaic acid is a natural material produced by a yeast that lives on normal skin, Malassezia furfur (also known as Pityrosporum ovale). Azelaic acid is used as a topical treatment for mild to moderate acne, and may be combined with oral antibiotics or hormonal therapy. It is useful for both comedonal acne and inflammatory acne.” (DermNet NZ, 2014). 

DermNet NZ and the U.S National Library of Medicine both explain that Azelaic Acid is used around the world to treat skin issues such as rosacea as well as acne effectively. With very few users experiencing mild side effects such as itching or tingling – the kind of after effects you would get from using most kinds of acne creams on sensitive skin.

Okay, so maybe I am starting to sound like an Azelaic Acid freak, but I really believe it’s been helping my skin, (you can have a look at my full review of the product here!) I have combination skin which gets breakouts now and then and can get quite oily by the end of the day. After years of heavy acne treatments (antibiotics, Isotane, creams and washes) I have managed to get my skin to be semi self-manageable with my current skin care routine. Azelaic Acid is the only acne fighting property I haven’t already used or tried in the past – using the process of elimination in regards to my recent (over the last 3 months) success with my skin I really think the Azelaic Acid in my GlamGlow has been the key.

And here you have reached the happy ending of my story – I was able to source and buy a new jar of GlamGlow containing the precious Azelaic Acid, and to be honest I am now wondering why I didn’t buy two while I was at it. I’ll have a look at the newer GlamGlow when it comes out with its new formula but I don’t think I’ll be swayed.

glamglow selfies

Have you had good results using GlamGlow? Have you ever gotten Azelaic Acid cream on prescription? I am super interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on GlamGlow and Azelaic Acid!