GlamGlow review AKA me wanting to look like a glowing, glamorous person

Glamglow imageGlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment is a face mask with a bit of a difference. After seeing a cute wee snap of Shannon Harris (Shaaanxo) with her GlamGlow face mask on I was super intrigued. “A mask that literally pulls the yuk stuff out of your face and leaves the good stuff?!?”-  I thought while feeling excited and curious about this new product, and off I was surfing the web for GlamGlow, debit card in hand.

The first thing you notice when you open your precious little jar is that the dark grey, lumpy cream smells amazing! The delish smell is probably a mixture of the peppermint plant, eucalyptus leaf and liquorice root ingredients – and that’s another tick for GlamGlow for using natural plant extracts that are known for helping with problem skin. As I said before the texture of the mask is a bit lumpy with a medium thickness, I had no trouble at all smearing it around my face and I found that a little went quite a long way.

The mask took around 5 minutes before I could see and feel that it was drying on my face. At this point I began to see the comparison between the drier areas and oilier areas of my skin. As it continued to dry I could see the mask start to pull the oil out of my pores, it was super fascinating and gross all at the same time. Once I felt that I had left the mask on for long enough I checked out the oil spots on my face before washing it off. It was clear that the product really does hone in on those problems areas. My big surprise was on and around my nose. I didn’t really think I had much icky stuff in that area but GlamGlow showed me that I was most definitely wrong, the way my nose looked and felt after taking the mask off proved this even more.

glamglow selfies

I wiped the mask off with a warm, damp face cloth and my skin felt really nice, not dry or irritated, nice! My biggest happiness was in having a CSI level investigation of my skin; it looked smooth, clean, clear and kind of sparkly….. I had the glow! A sparkly glow! And there were no vampires in sight, (nor am I a twilight vampire). The biggest difference was my nose area, where I hadn’t even noticed any issues before, but now saw an obvious change in texture and had less visible pores.

In short and simple terms – I love GlamGlow! It is now for the moment replacing my weekly face mask and I want to try it as a spot treatment next too.

At around $80 NZ dollars, it is definitely up there in the price range – but I am telling you that if you have been looking for the perfect clarifying face mask which doesn’t dry your face too much or cause breakouts – this is the one. Also if you look around you can find it for cheaper in sales online.

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