It’s hard to be a beauty blogger when you can’t wear makeup


It’s really hard to be a beauty blogger when you can’t wear makeup. This is currently a big issue for me, and I’m here to explain today why I’m having problems wearing makeup and why I’ve been a little (okay maybe a lot) MIA lately.

First of all, some of you may be aware that I am currently having some time off work and studying full time. I’m doing a four week intensive course to get some more education under my belt. Now I knew this course was going to be full on, but it is FULL ON. I haven’t had to do assignments in quite awhile and there’s so much to learn. I’m sure you can imagine that my usual beauty routines have gone a bit out the window lately. My day-to-day products are as minimal as I think they have ever been; BB cream, powder, bronzer, brow gel, lipstick. I think there’s been two mornings where I had an extra minute up my sleeve and managed to apply a touch of highlighter and blush. See, like I said, it’s been full on.

If you paid special attention to the list of my current daily beauty products you’ll notice that there is something missing, okay, I’ll tell you… there’s absolutely no eye products involved. This exclusion is not to save time in the mornings, but because I am really struggling with dermatitis.



In the past I’ve gotten dermatitis under my eyes now and then and it’s been cleared up by some hard medicine and a bit of rest. But for some reason since September last year its been coming and going much more frequently and way worse than ever before. And then in the last month its been the worst it has ever been, which just sucks. I’m caught in a bit of a tricky spot where I can’t take anymore of some of the stronger medication and the doctor just seems kind of over trying to figure it all out.

I think it’s an allergy to something, but didn’t react to a general prick test of 18 common allergens I did recently. So now I’m kind of in limbo as of what to do next. I’ve been dermatitis free for about a week, but still have had a few episodes of slightly swollen eyes so I am being really, really careful. This means trying to be stress free, eating mostly all good stuff, taking my antibiotics and not wearing any eye makeup.

Not wearing eye makeup is like breaking a physical and mental kind of habit. It’s so strange to miss out that vital part of my makeup routine and I’m still getting use to having bare eyes all the time. I miss my winged eye liner (will I still be able to get that perfect flick? or will I be totally out of practice?) I’m thinking I should probably start fresh and throw out all my mascara just to be safe.

I’m also toying with the idea that I could possibly be allergic to nickel, as I have had a reaction to it from jewellery in the past – and guess what? It’s one of those “may contain” products on almost every single makeup ingredients list I have investigated so far.

Do you suffer from dermatitis? Are you allergic to nickel? I’ve recently spoken to a few people with similar issues to me and it’s so nice to know I’m not the only one! 

P.S: Things over here will be back to normal by the end of July and I’ll keep you updated on my skin – my goal at the moment is to be issue free for a week so I can wear eye makeup to a gig on the weekend! But I’m so nervous I’ll end up with a reaction!