Help! My lips are dry all the time!

dry lips “Help!!! My lips are dry all the time!” was a recent comment on my social media from a lip-parched friend who is tired of having dry, sore lips all the time. My first thought was how strongly I could relate to this plea, after years on strong prescription acne medication having dry lips became the norm for me for awhile and it’s something even now I have to keep on top of.

There are 4 simple things you can do to help keep your lips moisturised and in good condition if just general dryness/chapped lips is your issue. If you are dealing with super dry lips as a side effect of medication or lip splits (cracks in the corners of your mouth) scroll down for some more aggressive treatments.

♥ 1. Get married to your favourite lip balm

When dry lips are a problem you need to have lip balm by your side at all times. Everyone has their preferences, I personally prefer more kind of plain balms as I don’t want extra colouring or fragrances to make my lips worse when they are feeling sensitive. Something which has natural ingredients is always a nice touch too. Trial and error is how I found my favourite balms – and also how I learnt that I’m allergic to Paw Paw.

I recommend: Maybelline Baby lips, Hurraw lip balm, Ultra Balm by Lush and Classic Chapstick.

♥ 2. Scrub dem lips

You need to be getting rid of the dry skin on your lips so invest in a lip scrub or make your own at home. To use you only need a super small amount on your finger, gentle rub and scrub the mixture over your lips with your finger or just apply and rub your lips together. When my lips are bad I’ll scrub them every other day, and when they are fine I’ll do it just once a week. Check out my top lip scrubs here!

Don’t forget: you don’t need to scrub your lips really roughly for it to be effective, be gentle especially if your lips are quite raw.

lip scrub image


♥ 3. Hydration

If your body is having a hard time keeping moisture in your lips it might mean that you are quite dehydrated. Think about how much water you are consuming everyday, and not cups of tea or soft drink just plain water. Drinking extra water is never going to be a bad thing and it will help your lips and skin.

♥ 4. Give your matte lipsticks a break

Matte lipsticks can be super drying on your lips and also you might be tempted to leave your lip balm aside when wearing matte lipstick so you don’t disrupt the colour. If your lips are chapped give them a break and instead use tinted lip balms and moisturising lip sticks.

Tried those, but your lips are still practically the Sahara Desert??

It might be time to ask your doctor for some help! They can often prescribe products to help you, especially if you are dealing with dry skin on other areas of your body too. They may also recommend some vitamins or supplements to help support your skin.

Giving some natural products you already have at home can be worth a try too – coconut oil feels nice and relieving on dry lips and a dab of honey on cracks and splits can help heal too (it’s moisturising and anti-bacterial), just try not lick it all off!!!

What are your tips for dry lips?