How to grow your nails longer and stronger


After a childhood as a chronic nail biter I thought I was destined to deal with short, weak nails forever, but finally I got my nails to grow longer and stronger. It took a lot of time, a lot of willpower, nail appointments  and some magic products to get my natural nails to be the nicest and strongest they have ever been. Today I want to share with you what I did to improve my nails and give you some tips on how you can grow yours too.

♥ Get in a relationship with a nail artist

I think the thing which helped me and my nails the most was having regular nail appointments with someone who got to know my nails and also knew what I wanted from them. My best friend and I started a little social habit of going to get our nails done together about once every three weeks and it all kicked off from there. I told my nail artist I wanted longer and stronger nails, but I didn’t want to go down the acrylic route and she helped me out. I got a new set of gel nails at each appointment, including having my nails properly shaped. When they got a bit brittle or weak I would ensure that I got them a little shorter as I decided early that it was better to have nice, healthy short nails than rubbish long ones. The gel polish has stopped me picking at my nails so much, made me love the way they look and also made them much stronger.

♥ Never, EVER pick off your gel polish

This is one of the worst things you can do to your nails and it is a habit I had to break. Picking off the gel polish damages your nail severely, the gel needs to be soaked and removed carefully. It took a lot of will power not to pick if a bit of polish did come off my nail naturally, but I always took that as a reminder to book in my appointment. You can also soak them off yourself at home if you can’t get in to a salon, but whatever you do don’t pick and pull at the gel!

♥ Remain calm if you have a split or a break

Although having a little split in your nail which your hair keeps getting caught in is the most annoying thing in the whole wide world, it is important to stay calm. These little breakages can be a real tough trigger to ignore if you are a past nail biter. Try and be careful with the nail, but also try and forget about it a bit until you can deal with it, with either a nail file or clippers. Usually all it takes is a gentle file to get rid of a small split.

nail art from pinterest

♥ Take pride in your newly fabulous nails

If they look good you’ll take more/better care of them. This is one of the reasons I went and started getting proper manicures in the first place, however you can do exactly the same thing at home too. Take your time to shape and paint your nails and always make sure you give them enough time to dry fully. Click here for some awesome nail inspo!

♥ Look after your nail beds (and your health in general)

Your nail beds are the areas of skin on your finger underneath your nail and they pay an important part in whether your nail is healthy or not. I care for mine by using nail oils or hand moisturisers regularly and paying special attention to the nail bed area when I am applying and rubbing them in. I prefer ones with natural oils, and I just use coconut oil if I don’t have anything else at the time. Being healthy and taking care of yourself will assist the health of your nails too. Things like making sure you are eating enough vegetables and drinking enough water will be good for your nails in the long run. I focused on drinking more water while at work and have seen the benefits in my nails and my skin.

weleda nail care pen
At the moment I’m using this Weleda Nail Care Pen and it works perfectly!

♥ Cut them short when you have to

There’s no point trying to hold on to a long nail when it is half gone or going to break at any moment. Like I said before, it’s better to have short healthy nails than weak long ones. Just think that even though it sucks now they will grow back even stronger than before. I had to do this quite a few times and was always so gutted, but as time as gone on it’s happened less and less. I have had no breakages in the last two months!

What kind of nail struggles have you dealt with in the past or are you dealing with now? What are your top tips for keeping you nails growing long and strong??? Share them in the comments below! To can check out snippets of my nail journey over on our Instagram @lauralovesbeautyblog