How Not to use a Lush Massage Bar – a personal experience

lush Lush recently released a whole new range of yummy sounding and smelling massage bars. Despite being a pretty avid Lush fan I hadn’t tried one of these out before, in fact I hadn’t even seen one! I loved the idea of something being moisturising and massaging as well as just looking super cool. Turns out I may be the only person in the world who actually needs instructions on how to use it, but it has all turned out okay!

The team at Lush sent me ‘Percup’ and ‘Tender is the Night’. Percup has actual coffee beans inside along with coconut and jojoba oils. It smells soooo amazing and the coffee beans feel so good on the skin. You get a nice gentle kind of rub along with moisturising oils. Tender is the Night has shea and murmur butters with a smooth vanilla scent. The cute flower acts as a nice bit of texture for when you rub it on your skin. Percup is for invigorating and Tender is the Night would be a good addition to a relaxing sleep time routine.

The idea with these is that you use them on your skin at any time for a feel good result and to moisturise the skin. The bar warms in your hand and with your own body heat. You would think that this wouldn’t really need ‘how to use’ instructions – but for me apparently it did haha. I decided it would be such a great idea to take my Percup into the shower to use a kind of in-shower moisturiser. BAD IDEA! Just like the oils start to warm and spread with the heat of your hands, the heat from a shower can make the bar melt super fast! Afterwards my boyfriend noted ” yeah I didn’t think it was supposed to be used in the shower” Good call buddy….. I realised my mistake pretty quickly and luckily I was able to save my Percup with the coffee beans just a tad more exposed than before.

Next time I want to try the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar. It sounds like the perfect thing for sore muscles and I’m really interested to know what it smells like too. I think i’ll need this one for the next time I go to Jump.

Lush massage bars are in stores and online now, Percup and Tender is the Night are $18.50 each.

  • To be honest, I would probably attempt to take this into the shower too. They just look like bars of soap!

    • Hahaha good to know I’m not the only one. I think that was it, it looks like a bar of soap and then I kind of had in-shower moisturisers on the mind…

    • Ruth

      I admit I did this. My son gave it to me as a stocking stuffer, with no instructions. lol Yep used it twice in the shower – my lord, my winter dry skin felt AMAZING to say the least. Course I eventually ended up with some coffee beans in the tub. lol I shall try using the rest of it the way it should be!!!! But I love it. I’m here googling it.

      • I’m amazed that you still have a bit of the bar left after using it in two showers! Mine melted to about half it’s size in a matter of minutes!!! Yeah, once I figured it all out I was in love with it and I love the coffee beans on my skin!

  • Maddy de Young

    I like to use mine by heating them with the hair dryer and then following them up with a dusting powder like Vanilla Puff. Takes the stickiness off them πŸ™‚

    • Now those are two great ideas! I don’t mind the moisturised, little bit sticky feeling, but I’m quite keen to try a dusting powder!

    • I use mine followed by a dusting powder too – so delicious smelling!

      • Okay, I have to try one out now!

      • Maddy de Young

        So delicious! I love the combo of Strawberry Fields with Vanilla Puff.