How to get your makeup on fast!


We have all been there – you get super late notice about something and need to run out the door when you have literally just got out of bed… or maybe you just slept through your alarms a couple too many times. You feel like you need to put on some makeup, but you need to be super, super fast! Here are my tips for putting your makeup on fast. It’s much better to keep it really simple and no fuss.

♥ Go for BB Cream rather than foundation and use a Beauty Blender 

Foundation always takes longer to blend and set than BB Cream, also foundation that is heavier needs a lot more time being buffed into the skin. I find using a Beauty Blender is the fastest as you can just spread and blend the product as you quickly bounce it all over your face.

♥ Don’t bother contouring 

Remember the less fuss the better, just go for a bit of bronzer and dab on some highlighter along the top of your cheek bones.

♥ Lightly pencil in your brows

Tidy brows will instantly make you look put together and more awake, but again don’t get into a total fuss trying to make them identical. Use a pencil with light feather strokes to fill in any sections you need to be more defined. Better yet, if you have them regularly shaped and tinted you won’t even need to touch them much. IMG_1130

♥ Dry shampoo your hair the night before

If you know our going to be pushed for time in the morning and aren’t washing your hair then some dry shampoo will soak up any oil and give you volume. It works best if you use it at night, see why here!

♥ Don’t use eyeliner if it is going to stress you out

You might end up in a worse position than when you started. If you are a pro then pull out the liquid liner – a crisp wing will make you look like you really put effort into your face, if not then just leave it alone or go for a kohl liner and smudge it out a little.

♥ Choose a bold lipstick

A bold lipstick looks strong and draws attention away from your tired looking eyes. The brave bold look will also again trick people into thinking you really invested into getting ready, when really you crawled out of bed 20 mins ago!
What’s your number one quick makeup trick?