How to plan your next holiday


Planning holidays is so exciting and at the moment I’m getting ready for a big trip to Vietnam. Since a lot of you followed my travels around Thailand I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to plan your next holiday on your own – it’s honestly not that hard! As well as being fun you can save so much money doing your own research and bookings and you are much more likely to end up seeing and doing things that really suit you. To start all you need to do is pick the place and have an idea of dates.

♥ 1 – Talk to anybody and everybody who has been to your destination before.

People who have actually been there have the best advice and while they can share all the positive things about their travels you can learn from their mistakes too cue stories about pushy Tuk Tuk drivers Ask people about where they stayed, what their one top highlight from the trip was and what they wish they had done but didn’t.

♥ 2 – Consider your budget and find out how much you’ll need for day to day spending

Think about what you are prepared to or want to spend more money on and what areas you can cut corners with. For me personally once in a life time activities like being an elephant owner for a day don’t really have a price – you need to consider cost against the price of an amazing experience. Look up accommodation prices and decide what level of comfort you need. With transport costs you need to weigh up price vs. convenience. Taxis and pre-booked shuttles are more expensive but great when you need to be somewhere relaxed and on time, whereas taking the local bus or boat can be a whole experience in it’s own and cost almost nothing. Research average food costs for street food and restaurants depending on where you expect to eat. Google searching and online currency converters are your best friends here.


♥ 3 – Check the weather

Weather can make or break a holiday – think about it, it’s the difference between a beach or winter white Christmas. Find out what the average temperature is during the time you are on holiday and also what the rainfall is like. This is also super essential when packing your suitcase.

♥ 4 – Always be looking out for good deals – I’m doing this by using the Webjet app

Hehe – I can dream about a quick shopping trip to Melbourne right?

Keeping an eye out for hotel sales and flight deals is where you can end up saving hundreds on your holiday. Usually I can’t stand searching for hotels and flights on my phone, but I’ve recently started using the Webjet app and it’s really easy and handy to use. For accommodation all you do in put in your destination and dates and it gives you loads of options which you can easily sort through by price, recommendation, number of stars etc. I also really like that it always shows you the total cost in NZ dollars of your whole stay even just on the search page, so there’s no surprises and you can book and pay right then and there online. So far all of the accommodation deals I’ve come across on the app have included free breakfast and wi-fi which is definitely my kind of thing! It also saves all your recent searches on the home page which is good for me because I always find something I like and then go away and think about it for a bit. You can download the Webjet app here for free.

♥ 5 – Spend mindless hours researching and noting down things you like the look of

This is probably where I’m really showing my passion for being organised a little too much, but before a big trip I like to research the spots I’m going to, popular activities, itineraries and the country’s culture. Sites like Travelfish are so helpful for insiders info and Trip Advisor is full of personal reviews of places all over the world. I’m a fan of Lonely Planet Guides, specifically for random tips and good places to eat. Noting down activities and places you decide are ‘must do’s’ means you won’t forget or miss out on them.

Are you a total travel organisation geek like me? How do you plan your holidays?

This post was made possible by Webjet – they have paid me for my time and work, but not my opinion. Opinions are always of my own!