How to stop washing your hair everyday

stop washing your hair

This year I had a goal: to stop washing my hair every single day. Since I was about 14 years old I have been a mega over washer of my hair due to the extra oil brought on by being a hormonal teenager, and thats where the habit began. Now at 24 my hair is a little less oily but the habit has remained. I wanted more time to sleep in, less time with my hair dryer and to impose less damage on my hair. I was also off on a holiday to Thailand and didn’t want to spend my days washing, drying and styling only to rinse and repeat the next morning.

The challenge started with a purchase of dry shampoo. I chose Bastiste dry shampoo which you can pick up from the supermarket and Farmers. I took this along with my hair oil, heat protectant and Tangle Teezer and decided I would try and wash my hair every third day or every other day.

Have you heard that saying where people say it’s easy to change a habit with a whole lifestyle change? I think I have proved that the way to stop washing your hair so much is to go on a holiday. There were so many other things I wanted to spend my time on that leaving my hair unwashed for a day or two wasn’t as tricky as I thought. There were definitely a few times, especially when we were going out at night that my not super clean hair bothered me. Either it felt greasy or to me looked greasy and yuk – but I powered and dry shampooed through it.

Now that I am back home I am continuing with the challenge and it gets easier all the time. Now I can easily leave my hair for a day or two no problems. And here’s the thing, my hair is actually less greasy now than it was before. It seems that because I’m not drying it out by washing it so frequently my scalp isn’t doing a mass production of natural oils to try and compensate for the loss of moisture. Very similar to what happens when you stop using super harsh oil stripping cleansers on an oily face.

♥ My Verdict: I am sticking to not being an everyday washer. Every couple of days suits me and my hair just fine (as well as my sleep ins!).

Like I said, it wasn’t super easy at first though. So I have put together a couple of tips that should help you get through the ‘breaking the habit’ stage and help your hair until it stops producing excess oil.

♥ Use dry shampoo. This really got me through some of the early days when the look or feel of my hair really bothered me. The dry shampoo soaks up the oil and also gives your hair a bit of volume too. Bonus: if your unnaturally blonde it can cover up your roots.

♥ Practice some 2nd day hair styles. If I wear my hair down on say, day three, I find it looks more greasy than it actually is, especially if I have any regrowth. So that was my ponytail or ballerina bun day. Have a go-to dirty hair style to avoid stressing out and still looking fab.

♥ Heat activated heat protectant is your friend. This means that you comb your heat protectant through your hair once it’s damp and then you don’t need to use it again until you wash your hair next. Each time you use a heated styling tool it activates and protects your hair without using more product. Don’t ask me how it works – but it does.

♥ Treat yo’ self! The night before you wash your hair put some coconut oil through the mid lengths to the ends and sleep with it in. Try out a hair mask or a hot oil treatment – your hair will thank you for it. Also make sure you are putting a leave in treatment in your ends every time you wash if you have dry ends and oily roots like me.

Click the image for some awesome ideas and tips on hair styles for dirty hair and bad hair days



Trust me, once you get through the initial hard stage your hair will slowly become less greasy and you will question how you ever had enough time to wash your hair every morning! So tell me, how often do you wash your hair?