How I’m fixing my damaged hair

Blonde hair goals

In the last few months I decided to stop lusting over hair goals and firstly, start focusing on how I’m going to fix my damaged hair. Years of home and salon bleaching in a range of blonde, white and grey shades has left my hair pretty damaged. My mid-lengths to ends are dry, my roots are oily and I have broken hair around my ears and right under at the nape of my neck from over bleaching. By adding a few extra products to my hair routine and changing some habits I have managed to help a lot of the damage. My goal is to really work on the areas of damage so I can go white blonde for summer (and probably ruin it all over again.)

♥ I’m using better shampoo and conditioner, as well as using treatments more often

I switched out my random supermarket hair buys for a shampoo and conditioner which actually matches my needs. Buying my new Joico products in bulk actually saved me some money too. Along with these, using in shower treatments allowed me to see some improvement after only a couple of weeks. I tried a heat activated treatment, but having to get out the shower to partly blow dry my hair only to get straight back in and wash it out was just too much hassle for me. Treatments which I can put on before getting in the shower or while in the shower work best for me. I’ve been alternating between the L’Oreal Mythic Oil Masque and the Kerastase Concentre Oleo-Fusion.

Joico shampoo conditioner

♥ I’ve added an extra step to my drying routine

While looking for some kind of hair oil to smooth my ends I came across the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream, it hydrates my hair and tames any frizz. I find the cream feels much nicer in my hair after drying than other oils I’ve tried. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look or feel greasy. After towel drying my hair I now apply my Miracle Hair Treatment from ELEVEN Australia evenly through my hair (it does 11 different things including protecting my hair from heat styling and also detangling), and then my Moroccan Oil Cream from the mid-lengths to the ends. I pay special attention with both products to my more damaged areas.

♥ I’m trying to use heat styling less

I am definitely not straightening my hair as much as I used to. And when I do I don’t apply any direct heat to the badly damaged strands. To be honest some parts were so bad that they just turned to straw the minute anything heated touched them, but I’m happy to report that there’s no straw like features to my hair now! I blow dry my hair only when I have to e.g. work days, use the air concentrator and finish it off with a cold blitz. I am quite keen on getting a new hair dryer some time soon as my Kmart one regularly overheats.

♥ I’m working with my natural hair

I’m still getting my hair coloured, but I am going for more natural blonde tones and using foils to work with my natural dark blonde hair. Currently I’m looking at alternating between getting a full head of foils and then a half head every other time. This will not only be good for my hair but good for my bank account. Last time I got my hair cut I had a really decent trim, getting rid of a lot of the broken and just nasty ends. Now I am booked in for regular trims to keep the ends healthy and tidy.

products to fix damaged hair

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