Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender? + other makeup questions

Beauty Blender cut

Are there bugs in my Beauty Blender?? I have often wondered what the inside of an old Beauty Blender would look like. Especially after seeing that horror film where a girl cuts hers open to find a whole heap of bugs (haven’t seen it, click here and half cover your eyes). There’s also a lot of other beauty related things I have wondered about and a lot of different questions online. Today I’m going to answer some of these questions, like just how limited are MAC limited edition products? What’s the difference between cruelty free and vegan? Why do you need to store your dip brow upside down? How does micellar water actually work when it’s just water? 

♥ How limited edition are MAC limited edition products and releases?

MAC limited edition products are available in stores for eight weeks from their on counter date. But of course this is dependant on how popular the product is, we all know that sometimes a lipstick can sell out in just a few days. Limited edition stock is also not replenished in stores, so once a product is gone, that’s it.

Surfactant Molecule lab muffin ♥ How does Micellar water actually work to remove makeup and dirt?

Basically Micellar contains molecules called surfactants, they have one end t
hat attracts water and one that attracts oil. These molecules work together and can bring water and oil together rather than the two repelling one another. A micelle is a cluster of surfactant molecules the the water ends on the outside and the oil loving ends on the inside. This link here by Lab Muffin is a really detailed explanation of how it all works.

♥ What’s the difference between cruelty free products and vegan products? 

Cruelty free products are those which haven’t been tested on animals, and therefore, no animals have been harmed in the creating or testing of the product. Vegan products are those with absolutely no animal products or animal by-products (milk, eggs, honey) in them. You could safely assume that a vegan product is also cruelty free, but a cruelty free product isn’t necessarily vegan. If you’re looking for cruelty free and vegan products Lush is a great place to start with.

how to fix dry dip brow

Why do you need to store your dip brow upside down? 

Ensuring that you always screw the lid on tightly and store your dip brow or other gel/creme eye products upside down is a way to prevent them from dehydrating. Some people say it hinders the moisture from being evaporated too quickly, others say it is because storing it right way up causes the silicon compound to settle at the bottom meaning that the top dries out. I’ve tried storing it upside down and right way up, and storing it upside down definitely makes a difference with it’s creaminess. I now always store it upside down. Click here for some other tips on keeping your dip brow perfect!

♥ Do bugs really live inside Beauty Blenders?

I cut my two year old Beauty Blender in half and there was not a single bug to be seen! Just a little bit of probably quite old foundation dirt in the centre. I would say that as long as you give it a bit of basic care e.g. keeping it clean and storing it in a clean spot, it should be safe!

What's inside a Beauty Blender

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