Instagram round up – April/May

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Instagram round up – April/May edition! 

I haven’t done one of these before, but I’ve been using Instagram a lot lately and have been finding a lot of inspiration there too. So I wanted to show you all my images of the month on here too.

instagram 1

♥ I picked up my first XO Beauty order and was super impressed with the quality of the lashes and how easy they were to apply. My hair ties are still going strong and haven’t stretched out of shape.

♥ I snapped a quick selfie while wearing my new favourite nude combination – check it out here!

♥ I’m in love with the new Tim Tam flavours, my favourite right now is Salted Caramel. I wrote about them and about how to do a Tim Tam Slam for NZGirl this week, go have a read and let me know about your Slam experiences. 

♥ How cute was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen back in the day?! That’s right, getting cute for myself!

♥ This bright look by Samantha from Batalash really caught my eye. Everything she does is amazing, I just can’t even handle.

instagram 2

♥ I haven’t done much online shopping lately and although it’s great, it’s lame too. Nothing beats that feeling of coming home to a delivery!

♥ Being Cinderella and eating McDonalds….. life goals! I threw this image up after a bit of a big night out. Unfortunately I don’t think I was looking like Cinderella at 2am though.

♥ A good makeup bag is something I don’t have, so I was looking for some inspiration. I love this shot with the pastels and glitter. I’m still on the hunt for a good bag, it’s hard to find one that’s extra cute and large enough.

♥ MAC Wash & Dry is in stores on the 1st of June and I am really wanting to pick up the gorgeous ocean green shade in this new collection called ‘Washeteria’ – see more of the collection here.

♥ Trendmood is one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow, they always share beautiful images of new product releases and they are pretty quick to share out exclusive beauty news. This shot is two new shades coming from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.46.17 pm

♥ Colourpop is the makeup of the moment, and of course I had to get in on that trend. I grabbed a couple of goodies in a joint order from them, and in the same week my Whitening Lightening pens arrived – click here to have a look at my haul.

♥ I really like this look Shaaanxo did based on Kim Kardashian. The pink lipstick is so me and the highlighting gives the look such a glow. I need to watch the tutorial and try it out stat.

♥ This sushi is from one of my favourite Japanese places, it’s sooooo good! Salmon and avocado is always my first pick and Miso has become my go-to snack. I couldn’t believe it when the broth made a heart shape, what are the chances!

♥ Yup, I’m obsessed with the Kardashians, need I say more?

♥ I picked up this E.L.F makeup remover pen in a haul which I justified by buying my bestie some Birthday presents while I was there. It has really, really surprised me, find out why here.

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