Instagram Round up July

My Instagram has been full of colour this month so I decided it was time for a round up!

♥ Last weekend I went out to Silo Park with some friends and we ended up at Thai Street for dinner. The food here is so yum and also reasonably priced, the only thing I dislike is these random metal cups they give you for water. In the snap is one of my best friends, Jason!

♥ On the blog was my collection of products I buy over and over again – including E.L.F, Lioele and lots more, check out my holy grails here!

♥ A regram from Soap and Glory was showing what I would rather be doing – pink cocktails and candy, yes please!

♥ These bright lip looks from MAC Cosmetics and the stunning dark purple lip from Gerard Cosmetics had me all lip inspired. I ended up trying out a dark red shade (Buda-pash by Australis) which I had always thought wouldn’t suit me and I ended up loving it!

♥ The boyfriend had promised me old school banana splits and this is what we created. Banana, boysenberry ice cream, whipped cream, peanut M&M’s and caramel sauce – it was soooo yum!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 6.55.17 pm

♥ There’s been a lot round the internet lately about why girls wear makeup and I felt like this meme really summed it up!

♥ DB Cosmetics long wear 24 hour foundation is my new favourite drugstore foundation, it is incredible quality and only $16.99 – you can see the full review here.

♥ Kylie Jenner tried out green/blue locks and almost broke the internet – need I say more? She is such a style babe!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 6.56.37 pm

♥ This was an awesome week of deliveries for me. I got a coffee scrub from Bossy Cosmetics, a NKD hair oil to try out, new primers from Australis and another Brow Whiz which I have been dying for. I still need to write up reviews for all these products so keep an eye out.

♥ A quick selfie before going out to see What So Not, it was the first time I had worn full on eye makeup and ages and I loved doing it. Did any of you go to What So Not? He was super good!

♥ Mattel released this image as a design for a new Barbie and I think she is so pretty and natural looking. I love the thicker brows especially – what do you think of her?

If you are as into Instagram as I am throw your Insta name down below so I can check your account out! I love discovering new awesome profiles.