Jeffree Star Cosmetics Black Friday Release #VelourLiquidLipsticks



According to Wikipedia, Jeffree Star is many things. He’s a model, makeup artist, fashion designer, a DJ and a singer/songwriter. I’ve always known him for his amazing makeup skills and the fact that he isn’t afraid to do something a little bit different. Jeffree can now add having his very own cosmetics line to that list now (Wikipedia, update your page!) with the first products, Velour Liquid Lipsticks being released on Black Friday.  – What the heck is Black Friday? Scroll to the bottom of the post to learn about America’s biggest shopping day of the year!

If you are a fan of bold mattes, then the first three shades to be released will be right up your alley! I really, really like the look of ‘Prom Night’ – it looks like such a perfect pink! I haven’t tried a blue lip yet, but I think I could maybe give ‘I’m Royalty’ a go for a special occasion. Of course there aren’t any reviews to go by yet however looking at these swatches I like the look of the texture and also can appreciate how pigmented and true to colour they look. I feel like you wouldn’t need to use a lot of product to get a good coverage and that would mean it would settle quickly.

jeffree star 1

But is that it? Nope! Jeffree has already hinted on Twitter and Instagram that there are already many more shades to come in the months following the first release and then also many other makeup products including lip scrubs, lipstick and eye products.

jeffree star 2

For up to date news and to get into the exclusive pre-orders for the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, click here to sign up to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics mailer. Jeffree posts a lot of updates as well as some of the most amazing makeup artistry on his Twitter and Instagram so I’d suggest looking there too!

So will you be ordering these little numbers on Black Friday? Or will you wait around to see the rest of the range? I am loving the look of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks but I think I am going to hold off ordering and see what else he comes out with soon! jeffree star cosmetics

And what the heck is Black Friday? Black Friday is America’s biggest sale day in store and online! It happens every year the day after Thanksgiving. This year it falls on the 28th of November (the 29th if your in NZ). Almost every American based store is bound to have some kind of sale, deal or promotion! And it’s a whole lot of fun, so don’t forget to check your favourite beauty sites that day to see what they are offering!

Images from the Official Jeffree Star Facebook Page